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CleverTap University: Teaching Marketers to Next-Level Their Growth Strategies

Niddhi Shah Niddhi Shah, Director of Strategy and Operations for the Customer Success Team, oversees multiple programs including the Center of Excellence, Customer Advocacy Programs, and improving product adoption.
CleverTap University: Teaching Marketers to Next-Level Their Growth Strategies

Retention is what determines category leaders. It’s been called the One Growth Metric that moves the needle where it matters. In practice, it drives acquisition, improves monetization and ensures an accelerated payback period because loyal customers interact more, churn less and even become brand advocates amplifying your product or service to their communities.
The benefits of strategies that fuel higher retention rates are massive. Unfortunately, the learning curve to achieve these benefits can be equally daunting. To complicate matters, many marketers, formerly laser-focused on growth through acquisition, are just beginning to build the cross-functional teams and talent necessary to improve their retention loops and funnels.

Launching: CleverTap University

To bring your marketing to the next level and compete in the same field as these global brands, you have to offer something just as good, if not better, which is why we’re proud to launch our own online learning portal so customers can learn and maximize their use of the CleverTap platform. We’re calling it CleverTap University.
CleverTap University (CTU) is a series of online courses designed to help you understand the fundamentals of the platform — from setting up the account to understanding how user profiles are created and merged, defining events, understanding user behaviors, and creating your first engagement campaigns.
The goals are twofold: CTU is designed to enable marketers to learn the basics of the CleverTap platform so they can use it effectively.

CTU Courses and Certifications

Marketers are having to do much more with less. And one way we can help you maximize your mobile marketing efforts is to offer you extensive learning on the CleverTap platform as well as certifications to prove you know how to create effective campaigns.
To begin with, we’re launching six types of certifications, with more planned down the road:
1. Foundation Certification
Understand the fundamentals of the CleverTap platform, including setting up the basics of the platform, understanding how user profiles are created and merged, defining events, understanding user behavior, and creating your first engagement.
2. Segmentation Basic
Learn different segments you can create with CleverTap and define the right audience for your campaigns.
3. Segmentation Advanced
Learn about Predictive Segments and how you can use them to engage with users in a contextual way.
4. Behavioral Analytics
Learn how to analyze your users’ activities using various analytical tools. Understand how you can analyze drop offs and conversions, understand retention of the user, view trends of the user data and understand the efficacy of your campaigns.
5. Mobile Engagement Basic
Create your first engagement campaign — whether it be push, SMS, or In-App campaign. Learn how to select the right audience and channel for your campaigns.
6. Mobile Engagement Advanced
Build advanced push notifications using linked content, catalog send time personalization, and bulletins. Learn how to showcase recommended products using Recommendations and Catalog. Learn about App inbox and showing In-App notifications using Native Display. Create an omnichannel journey to target users using various channels.

Future Roadmap for CTU

While we’ve only just launched CTU, we’re already working on improving and adding to its catalog. Here’s what to expect.
We’ll be adding more certifications. Expect CleverTap Journeys certification and specialized certifications for web, email, and WhatsApp. We’re also adding a ton of developer certifications; hang on for those.
Finally, alongside the certification course materials, we’ll be adding success stories from customers, expert suggestions on campaign building, as well as other valuable mobile marketing resources.

Check Out CleverTap University

If you’re ready to level up your marketing skills using our platform, check out CleverTap University.
For existing customers, contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager to set it up. For those not yet on the CleverTap platform, register on this landing page.

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Last updated on March 14, 2024