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Looking Ahead to 2020: Get Ready for the Power of Data Science

Looking Ahead to 2020: Get Ready for the Power of Data Science

Our company was founded with a singular purpose: to help brands engage with customers in ways no other product in the industry could.
In 2019, we continued to fulfill on this promise. Our platform evolved to support omnichannel messaging, allowing you to reach users even when they aren’t in your apps. Then we launched native product experiences to create an individualized experience for users when they are in your apps.
Other notable product releases this year:

WhatsApp and CleverTap

WhatsApp Business

We partnered with Nexmo to enable WhatsApp Business as a channel of communication — giving customers an automated, hassle-free way to engage with their mobile users at scale.

email add-on

Email Add-on

We released a full-service email solution that is provided in partnership with Sendgrid, for those customers who want to orchestrate mobile messaging and email marketing from a single platform.

Role Based Access Control

We introduced Role Based Access Control to allow customers to create and assign custom roles with different permissions.

Using App Inbox with Recommendations on a travel app

App Inbox

In January, we launched App Inbox, an out-of-the-box UX enabler for your app that can be used for additional messaging or to enhance the in-app user experience.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

With Product Recommendations, you can automate the “what” of customer interactions with 1:1 recommendations that adapt to customer purchase behavior, buying patterns, and usage trends.

Real Impact Dashboard

Real Impact

The Real Impact dashboard gives you a long-term view of the consolidated impact of your engagement campaigns on business metrics.

Dynamic Growth for the Company

We have also seen a number of corporate wins in 2019. In addition to driving retention and customer lifetime value for global brands, we achieved the following milestones:

  • In April, we received $26M in Series B funding. Then in October, we raised $35M in Series C funding, totaling $61M of further investment in our product roadmap.
  • We expanded into five continents with regional offices in Dubai, Singapore, and Bogotá, allowing us to provide more direct access to customer success teams and local resources.
  • The company grew to over 200 employees — more than double our size a year ago!
  • CleverTap was recognized for a number of awards, including EContent Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards, Entrepreneur Magazine’s #Tech 25 and The 2019 American Business Awards.
  • And we achieved the AWS Retail Competency and AWS Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Competency.

While 2019 has been an extraordinary year for growth, we are even more excited by what’s coming in 2020. We will continue to improve our foundation layer and look forward to our analytics evolving into insights, directly taking action on user anomalies, as well as significant improvements in experimentation through our platform.

Product Roadmap: Innovations for 2020

Our 2020 roadmap is focused on significant advancements in data science and machine learning, allowing you to automate far beyond anything in the market.
Here’s a glimpse at what’s coming:

360-Degree User Profiles

System variables will show on user profiles, highlighting users that are likely to churn, purchase, convert — or any other dimension you choose. As these values appear, they can be used to create segments, within CleverTap Journeys, and much more.

Even More Segmentation Models

You’ll be seeing many more segmentation models like RFM. The Acknowledgement-Interest-Conversion (AIC) Framework we co-developed with Phiture is more effective than any existing segmentation model for identifying the most valuable user activity. It is currently being built into the CleverTap platform.

Content Intelligence

The what (the actual content) of your messages is just as important as the when and where. We are feverishly working in our data science labs to apply deeper intelligence to this key aspect of customer engagement. Message recommendations will be available for individual users automatically!

Native Product Experiences

You’ll be able to engage each user based on who they are, their past engagement patterns, their individual interests, and much more. Look forward to the unprecedented possibilities and power of segmentation.

Building for Web, More with Email

Digital customers have a range of preferences and patterns across devices, and CleverTap is evolving to grow customer relationships regardless of platform. We are building out our web and email capabilities to support coordinated engagement, allowing you to connect with users wherever they choose to interact. Expect dramatic leaps forward in desktop web, mobile web, and email.

To an Even Brighter Future

We’re motivated and inspired by you, our customers. ❤️ Thank you for being an important part of our journey. We’re excited by what lies ahead and we wish you the very best in the new year!

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Last updated on April 4, 2024