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Here’s How Quran Academy Increased App User Conversions Using CleverTap

Shivkumar M Shivkumar M has over 20 years of experience shaping technology product and GTM strategy. With B2B SaaS expertise across industries, he leads product launches, adoption, and GTM as Director of Product Marketing.
Here’s How Quran Academy Increased App User Conversions Using CleverTap

I sat down to have a leisurely chat with the friendly and enthusiastic Bilal Memon, Founder & CEO of up-and-coming startup Quran Academy. Quran Academy is an app truly dedicated towards guiding its users to learn the Quran in engaging and innovative ways. Read on to learn how Bilal’s team utilized CleverTap to ramp up their user retention, conversions, and much more…
Sumitra: Great to catch up with you, Bilal! What’s new at Quran Academy these days?
Bilal: Thanks Sumitra, it’s always good to catch up with you as well! I’m excited to share that paid conversions have gone way up, thanks to CleverTap. With a conversion rate of close to 3% within a couple of months of using CleverTap, we’re at a solid figure for a young company.

How They Increased Conversions Using CleverTap Features

Sumitra: That’s exciting, and I’m so happy to hear. What features of CleverTap did you utilize to increase your conversions?
Bilal: With the help of our data scientist, we identified patterns in user actions on our app that were being tracked on CleverTap. Once we had some rough patterns in mind, we used CleverTap funnels to identify key pathways that kept our users engaged the most, overall leading to more activations and paid purchases.
Once we arrived at these key pathways, our UX designer was able to easily modify our onboarding process to help users traverse these paths as quickly as possible with minimum hurdles. Before long, our conversions had steadily increased and we met our goal of 3% paid conversions on our app. This meant so much to us as a growing startup.
Additionally, with funnels, we were able to discover bottlenecks within our app where users were not engaged, or falling off the app. Again, with this information, we were conveniently able to redirect users in such a way that they could make their way back onto one of the key pathways to conversions that we identified.
CleverTap Funnels
In the past year, we saw that almost 20% of all users who logged-in to the app, completed their memorization goals!
I also love the out-of-the-box retention estimates that I could correlate with new features we had released within the app. From this, we found that there were many new features we thought users would love that didn’t see much traction, and vice versa, where some unexpected new features saw much more traction!

Data-Driven Decisions and Push Notifications

Sumitra: Do you have any cool datapoints you could share with us on this?
Bilal: Sure! We found that in the past, the number of users who clicked on the “Purchase” button within our app was less. With a keen analysis of user events and trying several different UX variants, we settled on an optimal look and size of the button placed in locations where the app users were most likely to go to, once their free trial was over. This led to a tremendous increase in click-through rates, by about 40%!
Sumitra: What other features of CleverTap excite you?
Bilal: User timezone-based push is very important to us because we want to be able to remind our users spread worldwide with alerts to pray at the right time during their day.
Triggered Push Notification
A time-relevant push notification conveying encouragement to continue Quran memorization!

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Sumitra: How has the CleverTap user experience been so far?
Bilal: I love that for someone coming from a non-developer background, CleverTap is so simple and user-friendly. Its advanced, rich segmentation offered in a very easy-to-use user interface effectively helped us identify various key user journeys that contributed to conversions as well as drop-offs. I also love all the data and real-time number crunching we get to see at a glance, rather than sifting through pages and pages of queries!
I also really appreciate your customer service and responsiveness; it’s been great working with you to achieve our goals.
Sumitra: That’s great to hear. What new features are in store for Quran Academy users?
Bilal: As for the bigger picture, we’re planning to create a much more comprehensive blog with more content about the app to invite more inbound leads, as well as release more periodic course material.
We also plan to repurpose our blog posts as videos to provide our users a much more in-depth learning experience.
Users have been happy with their experience on our app and we want to take this one step further. Our aim is to not just provide lessons on the Quran, but on the whole, provide holistic knowledge on Islamic education with more interesting content on our blog and more varied course material. Our course on learning Arabic to be able to understand the full meaning of the Quran was a big hit! The more content we produce, we can sustain longer with profits in the long-term with a subscription model for more serious app users.
Interestingly, we also released this cool tool within our online Quran reader for users to copy their favorite Quranic verses into background images of their choice and customize that visually, almost like Instagram images!
Sumitra: I’m eager to see all these new features come into play on Quran Academy, and especially eager to see how CleverTap can help you with personalizing your content to users going forward. Thanks for speaking to me, Bilal!
Bilal: It was great speaking with you as well, Sumitra. We look forward to continue providing quality user experience for our users with CleverTap by our side.

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Last updated on March 27, 2024