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Behavioral Analytics: How It Improves the User Experience

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Behavioral Analytics: How It Improves the User Experience

Behavioral analytics is the study of customer behavior patterns, including their actions, preferences, and decision-making processes. Studying customer behavior gives you insight into what motivates your customers to buy, ultimately leading to a more solid game-plan to optimize their user experience. The point being: make it so they want to keep coming back.
But how does behavioral analytics actually improve the customer experience and lead to retention? Below, we provide some real-world examples of how global brands — including some CleverTap customers — have successfully used behavioral analytics to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Behavioral Analytics Data Leads to Better Personalization

Personalization is critical for improving the customer experience. When businesses can tailor their products and services to meet the unique needs of their customers, they’re more likely to earn their loyalty. Behavioral analytics provides the much needed data to personalize offerings effectively. Take a look at how Muuv Labs does it.

Muuv Labs: Sparking Fitness Motivation With Personalized Recommendations

The fitness app Vi-Muuv, owned by health innovator Muuv Labs, is an example of an app that knows how to engage its users. They’ve partnered with CleverTap to leverage analytics, campaigns, and user journeys that enable the kind of hyper-personalization that keeps active people actively engaged.

The information users share with Muuv Labs can significantly enhance their app experience. For example, notes Adams, users who share information about their workout habits and preferences are more likely to get the most out of the app. “We can make this a better experience if you let us know what fitness equipment you can access. When you’re going to build your workout, you can say, ‘Today I want to use my medicine ball.’”

Aside from suggesting workout routines that match your tastes, Vi-Muuv helps pair the perfect soundtrack with your gym routine to keep you motivated. “In the app, you can listen to music or a podcast,” says Director of Marketing Kim Adams. “We make personalized recommendations about what to listen to, based on preferences [users have] given us or other things we know about them.” 

The CleverTap platform has also enabled Muuv Labs to deepen its engagement via intent based segmentation. “We’re trying to get people to [engage in] certain behaviors” like completing an in-app workout or working out at a Muuv partner gym, says Adams. CleverTap can “look at our users, and based on their past behavior, say, ‘This group is likely to do that behavior again; this group is not.’ That allows us to tailor our message.” 

Behavioral Analytics Enables Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation — the process of dividing customers into groups based on their behavior, preferences, and demographics — is a crucial marketing tool. By grouping customers, you can tailor your content and messaging to each group’s unique needs. And behavioral analytics provides the data you need to understand customer behavior.

Albo: Segmenting for Better Customer Journeys

Albo, one of Mexico’s fastest-growing challenger banking apps, uses segmentation to ensure customers receive the right message at the right time. 

According to Aline K. Carranza, CRM & Engagement Manager: “The goal, working with CleverTap, is to configure formats and messages at the right moment to ensure we have better-quality customers who will go through all our journeys. We provide our users with as much information as possible throughout the onboarding journey to increase our conversion and engagement rates…so we create Journeys to help us reach that goal in an automated and effective way.”

Behavioral Analytics Shapes Proactive Customer Service

Proactive customer service is another benefit of behavioral analytics. By analyzing customer behavior, businesses can identify when customers are likely to experience issues or problems and take action to prevent them. If a customer is repeatedly clicking on a particular link on a website but never makes a purchase, the business can proactively reach out to offer assistance, suggest alternative products, or simply sweeten the pot with a discount.

Square: Nipping Churn in the Bud

Square, the payment processing company, uses behavioral analytics to identify when a customer is having issues with their system. They proactively reach out to the customer to offer assistance, often resolving the issue before the customer even realizes there was a problem. This proactive approach has helped Square increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn. 

Predictive Analytics Answers “Who Is Likely to Do This?” 

Predictive analytics uses historical data and statistical algorithms to predict future customer behavior. “Is this user likely to convert?” Behavioral analytics is a critical tool for predictive analytics, as it provides businesses with the data they need to develop accurate predictions and anticipate customer needs. You can then take action to improve the user experience.

M2Catalyst: Predicting the Power Users

M2Catalyst helps communities through their free apps like Network Cell Info Lite and Mobile Signal Finder. These apps allow users to see real-time data on mobile network performance and signal strength to improve their mobile experience and engage with the technology.

Leading the charge in this endeavor is Joshua Shorter, Director of Marketing at M2Catalyst. He uses CleverTap analytics to better predict user behavior and improve overall engagement. For example, he tracks how often users launch the app: “I like to look at how frequently a user is opening the app,” he explains. “That can be an indicator of whether or not someone becomes a power user. I can see that on Network Cell Info Lite, 28% of our users launch the app five times or more. [For] the paid version, 52% of users launch the app five times or more.” 

A/B Testing

A/B testing is the process of comparing two different versions of a marketing campaign element to determine which is more effective. Sometimes it’s as simple as exchanging the image used in a push notification or modifying the subject line in an email. Behavioral analytics makes this happen, as it tells you which version resonated better with your target audience.

ZEE5 Global: Testing Leads to Delightful Success

ZEE5 Global, the OTT/streaming platform for South Asian content, works with CleverTap to facilitate campaign A/B testing, supplementing it with internal conversations to devise scenarios not revealed in the data. Seamless campaign delivery has freed up the ZEE5 team to focus on engagement strategies. “We spend the maximum time on the campaign thought process because delivery is taken care of by the tool, which is seamless,” says Vinay Iyengar, Head of Growth and B2C Revenue at ZEE5. 

They successfully tested campaigns catering to their audience, including campaigns to celebrate India’s Independence Day, creating a sense of belonging to users who were outside India. The team hadn’t previously tried this across markets because they assumed users outside India wouldn’t relate. “We decided it’s okay. The end goal is to give users a feeling of belonging.” Their efforts resulted in a robust campaign that delighted their customer base. 

By leveraging strategic testing, rich content, and balanced personalization, ZEE5 keeps its viewers captivated and glued to its screens. It’s the ultimate goal of deep engagement for streaming entertainment apps.

Time to Understand Your Customers Better

Behavioral analytics is a powerful tool enabling brands to better understand their customers by looking at what they do in the app. This data helps brands optimize the user experience for customers. More importantly, it gives you valuable insight into what motivates customers to buy, or to keep coming back to your app. 

The examples above show just how effective this approach can be. If you’re not already using behavioral analytics to inform your user experience strategy, now is the time to start.

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Last updated on March 4, 2024