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User Experience: The Most Important Factor to Consider in Mobile App Development

Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
User Experience: The Most Important Factor to Consider in Mobile App Development

During the second quarter of 2022, Android users had access to 3.5 million apps, while Apple users had access to 2.2 million apps. Even as both operating systems regularly remove low-quality apps from their stores, the number of apps has steadily been on the increase. Amid this sea of competitors, how do you make your app stand out? The trick lies in personalizing your app for every user—this paves the road to an exceptional user experience.
One leading online fashion retailer in the United Arab Emirates did exactly this. By leveraging hyper-individualization with triggered, personalized campaigns, they saw a 300% revenue increase in one year! Conversions quadrupled, and they saw in-app traffic increase by 68%.
If this case study proves anything, it’s that mobile app development should focus on the user and their unique brand experience. To increase customer retention and lifetime value, tailor every aspect of the consumer journey to the user’s interests and needs. From push notifications to product display, relevance is essential.
Let’s explore how you can elevate your brand with an optimized user experience to stand out in a competitive climate.

What Exactly Is User Experience (UX)?

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) work together to achieve a streamlined customer journey. While UI concerns design language and system elements, UX refers to the user experience at every touchpoint. To optimize interactive UX, designers and marketers should focus on accessibility, efficiency, discoverability, and personalization.

Numbers Don’t Lie–UX Matters

An overwhelming 88% of users are unlikely to return to an app or website after a poor experience. Inferior UX turns off users to your product—and pushes them straight into the arms of competitors.
CleverTap is laser focused in on what makes a good or bad experience in order to improve customer retention and engagement. We’ve seen app conversions spike up to 250% by implementing hyper-personalization. Additionally, 63% of marketers who employ these personalization strategies have seen an increase in conversions.
With user experience, design, and personalized marketing playing such a significant role in an app’s success, it’s important for businesses to invest in continuous app improvement. Let’s discover what this type of improvement entails.

What Makes a Mobile App User-Friendly?

Developers and marketers must work hand-in-hand to deliver an excellent user experience. Aim for the following key features when designing any app to ensure you deliver the best experience possible:

Straightforward, Uniform Design

Apps that are frustrating and difficult to onboard, navigate, and use are sure to scare customers away. Avoid unnecessary clutter and keep designs consistent throughout. This makes it quick and easy for users to get comfortable using the app. Keeping up with the latest design trends will help your brand stay current and relevant.

Conventional Elements

Elements like icons, buttons, and symbols facilitate navigation and completing actions. But these are only effective if they are familiar and self-explanatory. For example, a shopping cart icon is globally understood as a symbol to view your shopping cart. To enhance user experience, stick to what users will recognize.


Animation and illustrations offer more space for creative elements within the app. Custom graphics, visuals, and 2D or 3D illustrations deliver information in a way that is easy to understand. Personalized graphics with welcoming and fun attributions can also attract users, driving interaction and engagement. They will make your app stand out from the crowd when strategically implemented.

Content Quality and Personalization

High-quality content is key to delivering a great user experience. Mobile app content presented in a story format has the power to tap into users’ emotions, hold their interest, and make your offering clear. Personalizing content elevates every touch point, improving engagement and retention.

Video Content

Videos are an effective way to convey information quickly and engagingly. They say a picture says a thousand words; imagine how many you can say with a moving picture! Even the shortest clip can instantly convey your brand message, values, and benefits just from surrounding visuals. It embeds your brand identity into the viewer’s mind. Instructional videos or explainers can also make it easier for users to use, install, or understand complicated products and services.

The Advantages of a User-Friendly Interface

We’ve reinforced the importance of providing a stellar user experience. But how exactly does a user-friendly interface help secure this? A user-friendly interface benefits your business as much as it does the user; you’ll start seeing tangible benefits immediately. Let’s dive into a few of them.

User Engagement and Retention

When consumers launch your app, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. Users will continue to engage with your brand if they find it interesting. If not, they’ll bounce.
You can consider a user-friendly interface more than just an incidental nice-to-have. It’s in fact a determining factor in the success of your app. Retention is not about preventing app uninstalls. It’s about nurturing a genuine relationship from the first point of contact.


User ratings and reviews determine app ranking in any operating systems app store. Just like Google search results that appear near the top get more traffic, an app featured at the top of the list will attract more installations. A user-friendly interface and excellent user experience are key influences on user ratings.

Brand Image and Value

A professional-looking and well-designed app is a reflection of your brand and business ethic. Users who encounter a poorly designed app immediately associate the company with poor service. With a better brand image and improved credibility, consumers are likely to share their positive experiences with friends and colleagues.

Time and Cost Savings

A poorly designed app by nature winds up entailing a lot of customer support services. This requires increased investment from businesses to sustain an already dwindling reputation. A quality product will need minimal fixes. Apps should be so simple to use that they don’t require technical assistance for the majority of users.
If you invest in a quality user interface, your customers will encounter minimal problems. This allows you to allocate your time and budget to other things.

Increased Conversions

You can offer personalized content at scale by creating an app that analyzes user behavior and preferences. An intuitive interface that shares what users want to see—individualized to their taste—is one that will gain traction very quickly.
Consider the case of Indian premier lifestyle platform Tata CLiQ Luxury as an example. Once they started implementing data-based personalized campaigns, they saw a 159% increase in revenue and a 150% boost in click-through rates. They have achieved considerable financial gains by using automated tools that make marketing messages relevant to each individual.

Improve User Experience With CleverTap

Technology is in a constant state of change. This directly impacts consumer demands and their digital experiences. To remain relevant, on-trend, and consistent, you need the right tools to manage app UX at scale.
CleverTap’s comprehensive platform helps you understand who your users are and how they engage with your app. With CleverTap, you can track and compare user groups, assess feature stickiness, identify your most effective acquisition campaigns, and win over more users. Automated data reports regarding user preferences, purchase behavior, and interests allow you to optimize every touch point, elevating the user experience and driving maximum results.
Together, let’s drive your mobile app to the next level of success. Book a CleverTap demo today to find out more.

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Last updated on March 29, 2024