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CEO’s Promise: Solving Business Analytics with CleverTap

CEO’s Promise: Solving Business Analytics with CleverTap

As we welcome 2017, do not let it be another average year or even a year of incremental growth. I challenge you to make it a year of exponential growth and of magical experiences you provide all your users, so they love you and keep coming back like never before.
I’m willing to personally lend my hand to help you with this. Send me an email at with your top two or three unresolved issues on user analytics and customer engagement. These could be a wishlist of use cases you dream about or something you have planned on your future roadmap or anything else. I guarantee that we will help you resolve most of these and move the needle for your business in the next 90 days.

A clear goal to start to start with

When my co-founders and I started CleverTap, we wanted to help companies engage with their users in a relevant and timely manner. We wanted to build an extremely flexible and scalable platform for businesses to solve this problem once and for all.

And strong beliefs that go with the goal

After 3+ years of putting our hearts and minds, we still have the following core beliefs:

  1. Effective user engagement, in a world of diverse mobile apps and fragmented digital devices,  is still the need of the hour
  2. User engagement cannot be effective without really understanding every user you want to converse with — hence a strong foundation of analytics has to be the basis of every modern user engagement platform
  3. This solution has to be extremely cost-effective to every customer – big or small

Excited to see how CleverTap can help your business? Please read on –


Before CleverTap, we had been running engineering teams at various companies for many years. Almost with every team, we were forced to create ad hoc, one-off solutions for advanced analytics and user engagement since no existing product could do exactly what we needed at that time. This required our engineers to focus on building solutions that were significant engineering problems to solve but had very little impact regarding innovation on our core product or business revenues.
This made us realize that there was a significant gap in this space and we wanted businesses to be able to leverage a solution that would provide them with real-time analytics and advanced user engagement levers that helped them to attract, identify, grow and monetize their customers. This is how CleverTap was born.

Consolidated Solution for User Analytics and Engagement

In today’s world, for any business to be successful, the most important rule of thumb is – KNOW THY CUSTOMER. To be able to understand your customer and be relevant to them,  businesses require a User Analytics and Engagement solution that can provide customized user experiences to their customers. Most vendors offer either a User Analytics or an Engagement solution, and the customer is left on their own to integrate and operationalize these two disparate solutions, leading to slower time to market and loss of revenues.
CleverTap is the only solution that combines Behavioral Analytics with a complete Mobile Marketing Automation suite. You can now get a powerful and feature-rich solution that combines the best of both the worlds with the cost of one.

Customer Story

CleverTap continues to help brands solve mobile marketing challenges with our innovative solution. Most recently, we helped TopFan, the premiere fan based apps creator, and the Denver Broncos, the three-time Super Bowl champion, catch user attention and enhance fan engagement which resulted in increased conversion rates of up to 15%.

Key Insights

After helping more than 3200+ wonderful and growing apps solve their user engagement problems, we’ve learned that specifically for mobile, there is simply no room for errors or delay. I can summarize the following as our core learnings to create incredible user experiences:

  1. Segment users: Group your users into user segments based on their past or current behavior to help monetize their predicted future behavior
  2. Analyze user segments over time: Track these user segments over time, so you can see if they are growing or shrinking in size
  3. Customize user experiences: Send timely, relevant and personalized messages to these user segments to influence their behavior and encourage the desired response  i.e. to push them into a user segment you desire, or take them out of a user segment you don’t desire

Use cases

We are the only solution that solves hundreds of advanced use cases that no one in the industry can even dream of. For example,

  • Uncover the golden window of opportunity for any interesting user action – Armed with this information, set up an automated campaign to reach only those users who don’t convert. For example,
    • Encourage app adoption: Discover that 45% of users who install your app also complete their profile within 20 minutes. Hence, set up an automated campaign to reach out only to those users who’ve not completed their profile at exactly the 20th minute and encourage to complete the setup.
    • Drive user engagement/on-boarding: Discover that 80% of your new users who’ve installed the app become dormant i.e. don’t launch the app anymore after only six days of initial install. Hence, set up campaigns for user engagement to remind your new users of exciting features and/or content within your app multiple times within those six days to get them to keep your app on top of their mind.
    • Monetize your business: Discover that 80% of users who add something to your shopping cart purchase within 7 minutes of adding to cart. Hence, set up an automated campaign to reach out only to those users who’ve not purchased at exactly the 7th minute to encourage them to buy.

CleverTap also solves various simple use cases that almost all businesses use today for analytics and engagement.

  • Trigger messages based on user activity around a marketing campaign
    • Send a message to all users who were acquired via a Facebook Ad campaign in September, have launched your app more than 10 times through October and November, but have not returned in the last two weeks.
  • Trigger messages based on user activity around the app
    • Setup automated campaigns to win back dormant but previously active users. For example, engage users who launched the app more than 10 times in the past six months, but have not launched the app in the last 30 days.
  • Trigger messages based on user behavior within the app
    • Setup automated campaigns based on the intensity of user behavior within your app. For example, send a message to users who’ve created their profile, and have listened to at least 25 songs, but still haven’t created a playlist.
  • Trigger messages based on user urgency within the app
    • Send something useful to users about the destination location 48 hours before their checkin date to a hotel.
    • Send a timely message preparing your users 20 minutes before a scheduled delivery for a package/ordered lunch arrives.
    • Send recommendations of restaurants to try for lunch/dinner 30 minutes after a user has landed in a new city.

…and much more. Each of these timely and relevant messages can be personalized with exactly the pieces of information you need i.e. the product that was added to the cart, the name of the user, the last song heard, the city of the hotel booking and so on. It’s automation and personalization on a large scale — extremely effective if you have hundreds of users or many millions.


At CleverTap, we think of ourselves as a team of problem solvers. I’m thrilled that our solution is becoming the norm now and getting adopted by more and more apps across many verticals. Over time we have realized that it is not at all about the features or the competitive differentiators or even the price or the scalability of our product.  It is about the value we can provide to you by addressing and solving every single granular issue that is nagging you when it comes to your understanding of your user behavior and/or engaging with your users.
For 2017, I want to extend my team for solving your problems. Send an email to, narrating your unresolved issues and I will be on top of your case.
Wishing you a Happy New Year and an incredible 2017 of exponential growth from all of us.
Sunil Thomas

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Last updated on March 4, 2024