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All-in-One Customer Engagement Platform

Fully integrated segmentation, behavioral analytics, messaging and product A/B testing

Get actionable insights, build segments visually, and engage with customers at speed

Unified tool for both product & marketing teams

Limitless Data powered by TesseractDBTM

Ability to offer uncapped data points per MAU. Capture unlimited user actions & save full user history

Uncapped segmentation lookback period to use entire user history

Codeless audience analytics in real

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Flexible contracts - option between uncapped MAU or data based plans

On average, reduce martech TCO by 40%, via multi tool consolidation

Empower business users and drive operational efficiency by reducing dependency on technical resources

CleverTap vs. Braze

CleverTap does everything that Braze does — and so much more! Find out how much more you get with our comprehensive retention and engagement platform.

Standard Notification Channels to send messages to customers through push notifications, emails, SMS, ad audiences, etc check check
Campaign Analytics dashboard for campaign performance containing stats for notifications sent, delivered, clicked, conversions, etc check check
User Journey Builder To visually build user journeys with different paths containing notifications based on user events, for customer onboarding, activation, conversion, etc check check
Unlimited profile & behavior history
10 years of data lookback
10000 data points per user per month
check cross
Flows to analyze and optimize the way users navigate through an app before completion of specific events like purchase completion, cart abandonment, profile completion and so on. check cross
Pivots to help identify hidden patterns and hotspots in your data via tables and other data visualizations tools check cross
Real Impact Dashboard for a long term view of the consolidated impact of your engagement campaigns on business metrics. check cross
Funnels & Cohorts to analyze how users navigate your app, identify where they drop off or convert, and compare their behavior over time in onboarding, purchasing, and uninstalling. For product analytics as well as for campaigns check cross
RFM segmentation to perform one-click, ML-powered Recency, Frequency, Monetary value segmentation. Works at any scale check cross
Push notification enhancement (RenderMax) to deliver to 90%+ users incl Chinese OEM providers with custom rendering. check cross
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Get It Straight From the Source: What Our Customers Say About Us

Our customers across industries rely on our platform to engage and retain their users. From our cutting-edge features to our attentive support, we strive to be a true partner to our customers’ success.

CleverTap is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool to engage with customers. We are also very happy and impressed with the support the Customer success team provided.”

Maybelle Cheah  | 
Customer Analytics Team Lead, Boost

The big problem that CleverTap helped to solve was understanding the performance of our campaigns.”

Rory Geoghegan  | 
Head of Product, YouNow

With CleverTap, we don’t have to keep switching between platforms. Our campaign analytics are a single refresh away. We can easily create a funnel or analyze a cohort using the dashboard.”

Asiyeh Attar  | 
Product Manager, Edenred UAE

CleverTap is a powerful engagement tool which delivers a lot more than most CRM tools in the market in terms of analytics and building effective journeys.”

Denis Mikheev  | 
CRM & Direct Communication Manager, Paysend
Your benefits

The customer engagement platform your entire team will love

Personalize Conten All-in-One solution

Unlike Braze, we’ve got everything you need to engage and retain users across mobile & web, as well as store customer data.

Personalize Conten Automated, Personalized Messaging

Braze can only give you 250 data points per user. CleverTap gives you 10,000 data points per user, allowing you to deliver truly personalised content.

Personalize Conten Advanced Analytics

Get actionable analytics without needing a third-party tool! Use cohorts, compare segments, and measure real impact, plus use Flows, Pivots, and more.

Personalize Conten Limitless Scalability

Need to message a million users an hour? Braze can’t help you. Our platform can scale with you to reach over 30 million messages per hour. Limiting your growth shouldn’t ever be an option.

Personalize Conten Lifecycle Optimization

We have guided frameworks to move users across lifecycle stages.

Personalize Conten Voice Calling within App

Unlike Braze, you get in-app voice capability for secure and contextual communication with your users.

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Thousands of brands in over 100 countries use our retention & growth platform to improve LTV and retention dramatically.

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