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Why is WizRocket different?

These are very exciting times as WizRocket as we are preparing to come out of stealth mode and launch the product for general availability.
Over the past few weeks I’ve shownWizRocket to a lot of smart people and almost with zero exception I’ve got tremendously encouraging reactions. People love what we have, people find it very intuitive and logical that mobile and web businesses need something like this and we’ve also got many of these people signed up as early adopters in our current private beta stage.
One critical piece of detail though — all this encouraging feedback has been AFTER people have seen the product. Before people actually see the product I’ve almost struggled to explain what we are:

  • user engagement across all channels – mobile, web and email…meh!
  • amazingly rich user profiles, for everyone – not just your customers, or your signed in users, but everyone who interacts with your apps or websites. AND then the the best possible segmentation capability to interact with them…even more meh!
  • amazon or yahoo like personalization for the rest of the world…interesting maybe, but too preachy in my own opinion!

The fact of the matter is thatWizRocket is playing in an exciting (and hence crowded) space. There’s a lot of companies and super good ones that are competing to help businesses meaningfully interact or engage with their users. Every product needs a lot of dissection and peeling the layers of the onion to really understand what they truly offer. The marketing messages that everyone uses – more revenue, better lifetime value, more engagement have all been diluted tremendously. In this world, evaluating a product in the space is a lot of hard work and gets extremely tiring.
In my opinion,WizRocket has three massive differentiators from anyone out there today:

  1. we are the world’s first omnichannel (i.e. mobile, web and email) DIY user engagement platform, so that you get one single dashboard to manage all your campaign and personalization efforts across your mobile applications, website or emails.
  2. we have the best pricing out there…we plan only to charge for the number of unique users you contacted per month that too only via. push notifications and email messaging, so that you can use the product without running up ridiculous bills. FYI that messaging within your mobile applications and website are all included in the FREE product. Also up to 100,000 users contacted via even push notifications and emails per month will be FREE every calendar month.
  3. we have world class realtime people analytics…also for FREE irrespective of the size of your business, so that you can intimately understand your users and their behavior within your applications to be able to meaningfully interact with them. This includes rich user profiles for everyone, unified actions across devices to the same person, completely retroactive funnel and retention cohort reports, device crossovers, trends and beautifully packaged dashboards.

Would love to get your thoughts via comments here or even via direct email – sunil at wizrocket dot com. I promise to respond to every one of them.

Posted on May 12, 2015