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In the Webinar, you will Learn

  • What is conversational commerce and the need to include it in today’s marketing strategy?
  • How WhatsApp Business differentiates itself from other channels like push notifications and SMS?
  • Ways to leverage WhatsApp Business for creating exceptional customer experiences at scale
  • Industry-wise best practices of WhatsApp marketing
Whatsapp Webinar


Roopali Chug

Product Marketer

Roopali Chug is a seasoned B2B marketer working on demand generation and brand awareness campaigns for technology companies of multiple scale. Roopali is currently working as a part of product marketing team at CleverTap

Anand Prasad

Product Manager

Anand is a part of the Product Team at CleverTap. Anand has 6+ years of experience in building enterprise products and is leading the compliance efforts at CleverTap.


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