Segmentation Strategies for Mobile Marketers

Join YouAppi & CleverTap in an in-depth discussion on the best practices in segmenting your users to drive ROI. Learn effective engagement and re-engagement techniques, plus view case studies.


Marketing Automation at Scale- Strategies from the Boardroom

Find out how ixigo, a travel search engine and booking platform, implements Marketing Automation Strategies with CleverTap and MSG91.


Unraveling the GDPR Compliance with CleverTap

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect on May 25, 2018. Understand what GDPR entails, the compliance requirements and non-compliance penalties.


Customer Insights That Drive User Engagement

In the world of mobile growth, it is critical to understand how best to leverage your data paired with the most relevant engagement strategies. Join CleverTap’s VP of Growth Kara Dake in a deep dive in to all things analytics and engagement to support your growth decisions.


The Significance of Personalized Email Marketing

The webinar discusses how mobile-first brands in Southeast Asia are leveraging personalized email marketing at scale and automated omnichannel marketing is critical to your user monetization and retention strategy.


How Omni-Channel Mobile Marketing Can Drive ROI

The webinar covers strategies to leverage data and drive ROI from a single dashboard, personalize experiences across different platforms and devices, and develop goals for your omnichannel strategy.


Create Automation-Driven, Mobile-Centric Marketing Strategies

Just as mobile has become a focal point of our daily lives, mobile marketing needs to become the focal point for brands. CleverTap along with MartechSeries presents a webinar on how to create automation-driven marketing strategies for today's mobile-centric world.


Mobile Engagement Strategies for Holidays

Dive deep into how to develop successful holiday engagement campaigns with Adjust and CleverTap.


CleverTap - Appnique Joint Webinar

This will help you learn ways to attract users who will have a true affinity to your brand and to develop a deep and lasting relationship with the users, by learning what they like, what they did or did not do in your app.


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