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Highlights Of The Webinar

  • How mobile-first brands in Southeast Asia areleveraging personalized email marketing at scale?
  • How to reach the right user at the right time with the right message?
  • How automated omnichannel marketing is critical to your user monetization and retention strategy?

About The Speakers

Boye Hartmann

CEO and Founder, Ydigital Asia

Boye is an online and mobile marketing expert. Throughout the years, he has helped many global companies with business development and marketing. With his perpetual positive spirit, and out-of-the-box thinking, Boye spots opportunities and synergies like nobody else. Boye knows what it takes to succeed and he is a true inspiration for clients, partners and employees.

Pradyut Hande

Head – Solutions Marketing, CleverTap

Pradyut is a mobile growth expert and author having worked with leading MNCs and startups across the SaaS and Tech Consulting industries. He currently heads Solutions Marketing at CleverTap, the leading mobile marketing platform that enables brands to build incredible customer experiences using actionable, real-time customer insights powered by AI and ML.


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