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The typical mobile marketer uses less than 5% of their available data to make decisions. Machine learning technology is helping unlock the remaining 95%.

Machine learning helps marketers identify and target high value, revenue-generating users across multiple channels, deliver dynamic, highly personalized ads, and optimize ad campaigns to drive scale and revenue.

Agenda For The Webinar

  • How machine learning is helping marketers scale mobile user acquisition
  • Questions to ask when onboarding a new DSP
  • What makes great ML vs good ML
  • Harness 100% of your available in-app data using ML
  • Optimize your segmentation strategies for better engagement
  • Increase conversions and optimize spend allocation with more targeted campaigns


Andry Supian

Product Manager, Liftoff

Andry is responsible for shaping the product strategy and roadmap at Liftoff, a performance-based mobile user acquisition and retargeting technology company. With over a decade of experience in product management and mechanical engineering, he has led and shipped countless product launches that drive operations efficiency by minimizing manual optimization. Before joining Liftoff as the first Product Manager, Andry served as a PM at Graphiq (acquired by Amazon Alexa), and International PM for Delta Faucet, where he helped the company establish a presence in China, India, and Brazil.


Kara Dake

VP of Growth & Partnerships, CleverTap

Kara Dake is a specialist in mobile user engagement and retention with extensive professional experience encompassing growth marketing, strategic partnerships, business development and finance. An active supporter of the technology ecosystem and advocate for women in mobile and digital, she is a member of the Global Panels & Partnerships Committee of mBolden, an organization dedicated to connecting and empowering female leaders throughout the industry. Kara began her career as a financial analyst on Wall Street and holds an MBA from NYU.

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