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Your users are like fine wine or good cheese: They get better over time. Which is why user retention is essential. With a steady retention rate your revenue just compounds over time. And increasing retention by just 10 percent will boost your business value by more than 30 percent.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. AI marketing tools let you anticipate customer needs, create personalized campaigns that make them feel seen and heard, lock on to essential customer purchasing patterns, deliver highly relevant messaging, marketing, and offers when and where they want to see them, and more. And with the volume of customer data you have at your fingertips, you can identify what characteristics make up high-value customers, so you know exactly where to put your focus.

Learn how tapping into your oil well of data and harnessing it via marketing automation platforms powered by AI and machine learning can strengthen your bottom line.

Agenda For The Webinar

  • Key engagement strategies using AI
  • How to use AI to strengthen campaigns (including creative, messaging, segmentation and personalization)
  • The role of time-based triggering in automation and monetization
  • The evolving trends in marketing automation and omnichannel marketing
Clevertap Webinar



Kara Dake

VP Growth & Partnerships, CleverTap

Aditi Mohanty

Digital Marketing Manager, Vodafone

Stewart Roger Beat

Stewart Rogers

Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat


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