Accelerate and Optimize Customer Lifecycle Management

Improve Customer Lifetime Value and Profitability using
Automated Segmentation with RFM

Optimize User Experiences with a Revolutionary CLM Model that Adapts to Your Growth

Traditional customer lifecycle stages – awareness, activation, retention, revenue and referral are not actionable. Keep up with lifecycle changes in real-time with CleverTap’s automated segmentation using recency, frequency and monetary analysis (RFM). Constantly monitor the health of your audience to provide a consistent user experience across every lifecycle stage.

Use Machine Learning to Build Actionable User Segments with RFM

RFM tool constantly monitors the health of your audience to run machine learning models on your data to automatically present 10 actionable segments of users based on their evolving lifecycle stages. Instantly identify champions, loyal users, at-risk or hibernating users to build contextual campaigns that respond to user needs in real-time.


Automate Lifecycle Marketing across Engagement Channels

Businesses that are able to predict relevant user behaviors and respond in a timely manner win. Why should your growth team be left behind? Whether you’re turning new users into champions or incentivizing loyal users to buy more, Journeys will help weave together engagement campaigns using push, email, SMS and much more.

Measure, Track, and Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Effective CLM helps improve customer lifetime value and increase profitability with relevance. Tailor your marketing based on lifecycle stages to create a data-driven approach to customer engagement. Use actions that are optimal for each lifecycle stage – for example, reward loyal users, run a referral program on champions, and target monetization programs on promising customers.


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