Works across user life cycle

Clever campaigns are designed to run across the entire life cycle of the user, such that they help retain acquired users, drive app engagement and help in user win-backs.


User Acquisition
Welcome campaigns for first time users, and reinforcement campaigns thereafter to ensure app usage

App Engagement
Reminder campaigns to get inactive users back. Nudge users to upgrade to the latest version of your app

User Win-Backs
Re-engage users when their app usage declines. Reach out to users who have uninstalled your app

Message users at the most critical touch-points in their journey

Welcome first time users


Reminder to new users


Get back non-returning users


App version upgrade reminders


Regulars now a no-show


Tackle app uninstalls


Just create your messages and we take care of the rest


Ready to run campaigns right out of the box

Easy to use

Just type up your message, and they’re all set to run

Multi-channel use

Email, push and in-app notifications; We choose the most effective channel for getting your message across

Auto-segment users

Deliver the right message to the right user at the right time

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awesome customers
1.5+ Billion
events processed per day
150+ Million
messages sent per day
450+ Million
device installs