Clever Campaigns: Ready-made Engagement Campaigns for Increased Retention

Pre-built automated marketing campaigns for the entire user lifecycle, from acquisition and activation to retention and revenue.

Engage and Retain Users as They Progress Through Your App

Clever Campaigns are designed to run across the entire user journey to onboard new users, engage and retain active users, and win back dormant users.

  • User Activation

    Send welcome campaigns to first-time app users for successful onboarding.
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  • App Engagement

    Drive conversions, target inactive or power users, and prompt app version upgrades.
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  • User Win-Backs

    Re-engage inactive users or reach out to those who have uninstalled your app.
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Send Personalized Campaigns at the Most Critical Points in the Mobile App Journey

Welcome First-time Users

Show an in-app message to new users and help them quickly experience your app’s value. Then follow up with a personalized email.

Send Reminders to New Users

Help build new user habits in the critical first 7 days after download by reminding users to launch the app and complete a key action.

Bring Users Back Into the App

Send reminder notifications to keep users engaged. Proactively prevent churn with notifications your users are most likely to respond to.

Notify Users of App Upgrades

Prompt users to upgrade to the latest version of your app. This campaign is automatically triggered when CleverTap detects a new app version.

Engage Inactives Before They Churn

This campaign sends a push notification to regular users who haven’t opened the app for longer than twice their usual frequency.

Reduce App Uninstalls

Reach out to churned users to find out why and win them back. Sometimes a personalized email is all it takes to drive re-installs.

Customize Your Messages — We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Pre-Built Templates

Run effective engagement campaigns right out of the box.

Easy-to-Use Campaigns

Just personalize your message, and they’re set to run.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Choose the optimal channel for your campaign: email, push, and in-app notifications.

Auto-Segment Users

Automatically deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

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