Schedule campaigns to reach users on a specific date and time, or send automated messages to users based on their past actions or current behavior within your app.

Scheduled campaigns

Design a group of actions based on app users' past behavior.

User actions

For eg: If your app user watched some videos in the past, send a message to encourage them to watch the next one in the series.

User inaction

For eg: Remind an app user to checkout and pay for items that were left in the cart by sending messages with a link to the actual product.

Triggered campaigns

Design a group of actions based on app users' current behavior in the app.

User actions

For eg: Encourage your app users to share success on social channels and drive viral growth.

User inaction

For eg: If your user does not complete a lunch purchase within 15 mins, then send him a reminder to make sure the action is completed within that window of opportunity.

Date & Time Reminders

Your app user just booked his or her hotel room. Want to send a reminder push notification one day before the Reservation Date? See more of such use cases that are triggered based on the users' relative or absolute date and time.

Scheduled and triggered campaign features

Try different copy, creatives, calls to action to design the best message for each campaign

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Automate the routine and repurpose what works

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Don’t disturb your users when they’re fast asleep

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Multi channel support - Push, In-App, Email, SMS, Web Push

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Campaign reporting on scheduled and triggered campaigns

Track deliveries, impressions, click-throughs and revenue for your campaigns. Review daily, weekly and monthly trend reports for triggered campaigns.Get campaign reports delivered right in your inbox.

Schedule and trigger campaigns via Notification API

Trigger push, in-app and email messages from your existing systems using the CleverTap notifications API. Send breaking news or price drop alerts by integrating your existing software systems.


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