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Introducing Native WhatsApp Messaging On CleverTap

Deepak Yadav Deepak, Product Manager at CleverTap, with 5+ years' experience. Led technical accounts, managed global support, fueled growth at Fynd, Paintcollar. Passionate about user acquisition and product optimization.
Introducing Native WhatsApp Messaging On CleverTap

If you’re not using instant messaging to connect with prospects and customers, you’re missing out on a tremendous channel for potential engagement and revenue. That’s because instant messaging and texting have become the primary way that people share information. What’s more:

  • 53% of people say they would purchase products or avail themselves of services from companies that can be reached via instant messaging.*
  • 71% of consumers surveyed by McKinsey & Company say they expect businesses to recognize them as individuals and know their interests.

The rise of messaging apps as a communication tool for both personal and business use has been a game-changer in recent years, and riding that wave is WhatsApp — one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp has over two billion active users, over half of whom check the app daily.
We’re proud to announce that CleverTap is now an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP), giving CleverTap customers the competitive advantage of reaching out to their users with hyper-personalized, in-the-moment WhatsApp notifications through omnichannel campaigns, all from a single platform.

The Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business API With CleverTap

This native integration with WhatsApp enables you to build, test, and track WhatsApp campaigns from a single platform without the need for third-party integrations. Forget having to rely on multiple integrations to build your WhatsApp campaigns. Now you can benefit from:

  • No-code Integration and Hassle-free Onboarding for WhatsApp
    Get access to WhatsApp Business Account and start building WhatsApp campaigns in minutes with zero code, directly from the CleverTap dashboard.
  • Omnichannel Campaigns
    Integrate WhatsApp into your omnichannel campaigns, and deliver a consistent user experience across channels. Limit spamming and optimize campaign spends by moderating outreach across multiple channels.
  • Individualization
    Deliver unique and meaningful WhatsApp messages with context from past behavior, preferences, profile information, and real-time user actions.
  • Two-way Chat and Autoresponders
    Manage multiple customer conversations in one place with an easy-to-use dashboard and automated chat workflows to save time and respond to customers quickly.
  • Advanced Analytics
    Analyze both behavioral and campaign analytics from the same dashboard to measure the true impact of your campaigns and optimize campaign performance.
  • Rich Media and Interactive Templates
    Create high-impact messages with interactive and personalized rich media attachments such as images, GIFs, and videos. Enable customers to take immediate action with quick reply and call-to-action buttons and boost engagement.
  • Easy Opt-in Management
    Capture opt-ins across channels seamlessly and manage opt-outs centrally for your newsletters, services, reminders, and future communication to avoid spamming and deliver a superior customer experience.

This is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline communication channels and consolidate their martech stack to improve the customer experience. You gain the advantage of delivering a superior customer experience through synchronized messaging across channels optimized for maximum impact using both campaign and behavioral analytics. You can use the WhatsApp channel to deepen customer relationships, through two-way conversations at scale — all from a single dashboard.

WhatsApp Business API customer testimonial

Use Cases: WhatsApp In Action

Here’s how brands across verticals can leverage our WhatsApp solution to increase conversions and elevate engagement.

IndustryUse CasesImpact Metric
Travel & Hospitality
  • Important updates like bookings, refunds, cancellations 
  • Reminders for upcoming flights & gate information, useful for silent airports
  • Custom discounts on booking a return flight
  • Recommendations about hotels for an upcoming stay
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase AOV
Food Delivery 
  • Status of the delivery, including information on driver and ETA
  • Thank-you messages after order delivered
  • Custom discounts/refunds in case of a late/wrong delivery
Increase user engagement
Streaming Media/OTT
  • Recommendations for new shows/movies/upcoming matches 
  • Premium service options when a user finishes a movie/episode
  • Subscription renewal reminders
Increased user engagement 
Increase ARR 
  • Personalized shopping experience through product recommendations
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Convert COD payments to online payments
  • Shipping status, back in stock message on wishlist items
  • Ask for app ratings from active users right after delivery
Increase conversions

Increase AOV

Increase customer advocacy
  • Instant updates on money transfers 
  • Credit card payment reminders
  • Investment performance updates
  • Insurance renewal reminders
Increase engagement

Improve customer experience   
Ride Hailing Apps
  • Driver and ETA updates
  • Send monthly pass to a user who just booked a cab 
  • Pending payment reminders
Increase user engagement
  • Phone bill payment reminders
  • Plan upgrade nudges
Increase user engagement
Increase customer satisfaction
  • Nurture and convert leads
  • Session reminders 
  • Course completion/progress updates 
Increase user engagement
Increase conversions

Already Working With a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?

You can make the transition to CleverTap with ease while still keeping your WhatsApp business account intact, along with your quality rating, account status, and approved templates. Switch over without any downtime or service disruption.
This feature is now available to all CleverTap customers as part of the WhatsApp add-on. To know more about WhatsApp capabilities on CleverTap or if you are interested to book a demo and see it in action, you can check out the link here.

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Posted on April 11, 2023