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Hyper-Personalization in the News, CleverTap Quarterly on May 26th

Hyper-Personalization in the News, CleverTap Quarterly on May 26th

Personalization, particularly hyper-personalization (which includes a real-time component), is top of mind for us at CleverTap because we’ve seen how effective it is when the brands we work with build it into their campaigns. All customers demand experiences where they are treated like royalty. And the best brands are those that do it effectively for millions of users. 
It’s amazing to see a lot of coverage of hyper-personalization in the past few weeks as more and more companies realize it can be the differentiator that raises your brand above the competition. 

Why Hyper-Personalization Matters

Personalizing a customer experience is answering a very real demand. Seven in 10 consumers expect companies to offer personalized interactions, and even more (76%) get frustrated when they don’t.
By treating people as individuals in real time, you allow them to connect with your brand. And that’s something your competitors may not be doing yet. 
All signals point to personalization working wonders. We’ve seen hyper-personalization spike  app conversions by up to 250%. And what’s more, 63% of marketers report an increase in conversion rates due to personalization.

Personalization Best Practices

And speaking of personalization, Gartner released a recent report that explains best practices for applying personalization in digital commerce. 
Highlights from the Gartner report include:

  • How personalization technologies work
  • The key components of personalization and how to create one-to-one personalization
  • The analytics you’ll need along with examples of analytics that are typically used
  • Typical percentage improvements seen in key indicators

If you want to get more detail on personalization or how to implement it into your marketing, read the full report

CleverTap Quarterly This Month

Because hyper-personalization is so essential, we wanted to provide you with the insight and the tools necessary to achieve it. This is why we’ve made it the topic of our CleverTap Quarterly (CTQ) event on May 26, 2022. CTQ will highlight ways that global brands have used hyper-personalization to build amazing campaigns. 
Every three months, we’re excited to bring together our customers, partners, even our internal thought leaders to talk about the trends affecting mobile marketing, and this one is no exception. 
For in-depth discussions on how you can use hyper-personalization in your own marketing strategy, I suggest these sessions:

  • From Browsing to Buying: Learn how our customer Tata CLiQ uses data to segment audiences & fuel growth. 
  • Harnessing the Power of Hyper-Personalization to Educate, Drive Inclusion & Ignite Growth: Attend a panel discussion with Sumer and Guru Investimentos on teaching customers not just about the app, but about making better decisions.
  • It’s An Omnichannel World: Find out how AirAsia & Muuv Labs are personalizing in real time and improving the customer experience.

Join me live at CTQ and feel free to send in your questions in the chat. I would love to connect with you there. 

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