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Seamless Asia 2018: Omnichannel Marketing in Southeast Asia

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal, Senior Product Marketing Manager at CleverTap, excels in B2B strategy, market planning, and product launches. Proven success at Razorpay and Amazon.
Seamless Asia 2018: Omnichannel Marketing in Southeast Asia

Going Seamless

With Southeast Asia’s developing economy slated to grow at 6% in 2018, the region is poised for incredible growth. Increased use of smartphones coupled with greater internet penetration across the region, which now stands at 58% of the entire population, has given rise to the rapid growth of digital businesses catering to diverse customer needs across both web and mobile.
Having recognized the pressing need to deliver differentiated user experiences at scale that enable digital brands to lay the foundation for effective user engagement and long-term retention, CleverTap continues to empower such businesses across the region.
Set in this backdrop, we participated at the prestigious Seamless Asia, 2018 event in Singapore on May 3-4, 2018…and, were thrilled to do so!
The largest tech event in the region centered around retail, e-commerce, and digital payments, Seamless Asia, 2018, witnessed participation from over 6,000 attendees, 150 exhibitors, and 200 speakers at the impressive Suntec Convention Centre.
The agenda of the event involved stimulating conversations regarding the latest technology and marketing solutions enabling the delivery of highly personalized and satisfactory user experiences in an increasingly cashless economy.
This wasn’t going to be just another tech event, but promised to be so much more. And, Seamless Asia, 2018 most certainly was!
Seamless Asia 2018

A Talk to Remember!

Our Co-founder, Anand Jain, delivered a 30 minute presentation on the future of mobile marketing in the competitive e-commerce industry, on day 1 of the event.
The extremely relevant and well-received talk saw Anand outline the rapid transition that the consumer economy has made accessing internet-based services, from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tabs, today.
He further highlighted the significance of gathering an in-depth understanding of one’s users based on their demographic, geographic, behavioral, and device-specific data-points.
Only when marketers glean actionable customer insights can they develop effective personalized, contextual, and timely omnichannel engagement strategies at scale.
This is precisely how CleverTap’s intelligent mobile marketing platform empowers businesses across industries, ensuring that they deliver the right messages to the right users at just the right time.
Anand’s engaging talk left over 200+ attendees with key insights that had them scrambling to take notes and ask questions!
Anand Jain - Cofounder CleverTap

Some More Food for Thought

It was fascinating to merely walk around the event floor soaking in the atmosphere, engaging in conversations, and exchanging market-specific information. Listening to and learning from some of the brightest minds in the business was an enlightening experience in itself.
While Amit Kurseja, Head of Amazon Pay, India, spoke about the gradual transition towards the realization of a cashless economy at scale, Neal Cross, Chief Innovation Officer & MD of DBS, outlined a blueprint for striking the right balance between a pro-cash and cashless economy in the region.
Tim Kobe, CEO of Eight Inc., talked about the value of human innovation in the world of AI/ML, as e-commerce brands deliver superior purchase experiences. Hugh Haley, Regional Director (APAC) of CLX Communications, highlighted the importance of omnichannel messaging campaigns driving ecommerce conversions through contextual conversations.

Unlock Success: Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Marketing

There were also multiple panel discussions that discussed the future of ecommerce and retail in an increasingly cashless environment, data privacy and security, and the role of personalized mobile marketing.
Seamless Asia Keynotes
The award ceremony and cocktail evening organized at the end of day 1 saw a lot of us attendees talk about a lot more than just merely business in the picturesque environs of the rooftop bar at the Suntec Convention Centre! Talk about “social networking” 101!

Lean how Lenskart scaled Omnichannel marketing automation using CleverTap

The Best of Booth Worlds!

While Anand wowed the fellow attendees with valuable insights on how mobile-first e-commerce players can put in place effective user engagement strategies through automated segmentation, Team CleverTap also had many an interesting conversation with attendees at the booth!
Over the course of both the days, we continued to generate a great deal of buzz at our booth, educating, informing, and addressing queries on how our dynamic marketing platform driven by real-time behavioral insights can enable both web and app businesses run highly targeted omnichannel engagement campaigns across every stage of the user lifecycle.
Our giveaways were also a major hit, as attendees thronged to our booth to get their hands on CleverTap branded notepads, sippers, pens, and stickers!
CleverTap Booth Pic - 1
CleverTap Booth Pic - 2
All in all, it was an interesting and intriguing experience that saw us share our own insights on how mobile marketers can leverage the power of data-driven omnichannel personalization at scale, and also learn from leading experts in the industry on how we are eventually partners in Southeast Asia’s ever-evolving growth story.
We look forward to participating at more such events in the region, empowering marketers, one effective marketing campaign at a time!
To learn just how CleverTap is empowering over 4,000 customers such as Sony, Star, Vodafone, Domino’s Pizza, Go-Jek, and Book My Show, from across 100 countries deliver differentiated user experiences across devices and channels, schedule a demo today.

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Last updated on March 29, 2024