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The Hidden Psychology of Successful Mobile Apps (Infographic)

Shivkumar M Shivkumar M has over 20 years of experience shaping technology product and GTM strategy. With B2B SaaS expertise across industries, he leads product launches, adoption, and GTM as Director of Product Marketing.
The Hidden Psychology of Successful Mobile Apps (Infographic)

Ah, the mysteries of the human brain. Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand why your users do the things they do? Or find out exactly what they want, so you can make a genuinely useful app? Or learn what prompts them to open your app so you can lure them back more often?
And yet understanding mobile users and anticipating their actions is exactly what you need to do to build a successful app.
So how do you make that happen? We turn to behavioral psychology to learn the secrets of a perfect onboarding flow and UI design. And we mine user data to discover and deliver the experience users want.
In our latest infographic, we’ve identified six psychological tactics some of the most popular apps on the planet use to grab and hold your attention. Keep scrolling to learn more about and see examples of:  

  1. The Zeigarnik Effect – We’re hardwired to obsess over incomplete or interrupted tasks.
  2. The Endowed Progress Effect – We’re more likely to complete a series of tasks if we’ve got a head start.
  3. The Big Fish Little Pond Effect – We’d rather be the best of a low-performing group than rank last in a group of high achievers.
  4. The Principle of Least Effort – When’s the last time you actually stopped the “Next Episode” autoplay on Netflix? We default to the easiest action.
  5. The Gambler’s Fallacy – We can’t live with a near miss. Just one more try and we’re sure to win!
  6. The IKEA Effect – We’re more invested in things we’ve helped to build.

Want to get users hooked on your app? Forget discounts and freebies. Learn how to apply these powerful psychological principles to deliver a habit-forming user experience.
Download the whitepaper: The Psychology of Insanely Addictive Apps.
Psychology of Successful Apps Infographic
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Last updated on March 29, 2024