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How to make your mobile app go viral

How to make your mobile app go viral

There are millions of apps out there competing with each other to win a permanent spot on the smartphone screen. The users are spoilt for choice with multiple apps that offer similar goods and services, the competition is getting tougher by the minute. Each app developer and marketer out there is trying to devise methods to reach out to the masses and become an instant hit. How do you drive downloads and make your mobile app go viral?
Going viral means that your app is shareable, and worth sharing, everybody is talking about it, and it’s trending on major social media channels too. It is much more effective than any form of paid advertisement. Making your app viral is no picnic, but if it does go viral, it would be the best thing that can happen to a developer or marketer.
Listed below are the key ingredients that can make your app go viral.

    • Create Something Valuable – There are multiple apps of all kinds in the app store, some with millions of downloads, others forgotten with only a few hundred or thousand downloads. Your app can go viral only if the users find it valuable and worth sharing. Create an app that is not like all those run of the mill apps already lying there, create something worth sharing.
    • Presentation – Design an attractive logo for your app and name it appropriately. The name of the app should stand out, an app with a catchy name and attractive logo is sure to grab some eyeballs.
    • ASO – App store optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. This will help make you app discoverable among the other apps.
    • Easy Sharing – Users must share your app on different social media and messenger services. Sharing options should be easily available with an appropriate pre-drafted message to be shared along with the app link.
    • Videos – Videos are a great way to introduce your product. Share short, witty and funny videos that tell the user about your app and its usage, on various social media channels.
    • Promotions – Promote your app with assured gifts, discount codes or freebies. Make this promotion socially shareable and offer added incentives on social sharing. This will surely make some noise about your app.
    • Market the App – Market your app on all major social media channels. Create a hashtag, make a buzz about it through social media influencers and bloggers and make it a trend. This way your app will reach a huge audience.
    • Contests – Run a few contests on social media while launching the app or any other major event. Request users to use your hashtag and share your posts to win. Contests are a great way to pull some attention.
    • Analytics – Segment users and their activities while engaging with the app. Data backed insights are helpful in mobile app marketing, engagement, and conversion.

Going viral would be the ultimate goal of all app owners, but it’s easier said than done. The only way to achieve that goal is to keep trying.

Posted on July 28, 2016