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Subharun Mukherjee 18+ years of experience leading product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), new market entry, value-based sales, analyst relations, and customer experience programs. Expertise in Financial Services, eCommerce, on-demand services, and the SaaS industry.
Join CleverTap’s Partner Ecosystem

At CleverTap, we aim to empower mobile marketers to craft incredible user experiences. We strive to serve mobile marketers with best-in-class products and the knowledge to leverage them successfully.
With this ethos ingrained, we are excited to build and strengthen the CleverTap Partner Ecosystem.

What is the CleverTap Partner Ecosystem?

The CleverTap Partner Ecosystem is a network of mobile solutions. It helps mobile marketers expand and integrate the technologies they use everyday to drive growth and increase revenue.
As part of the CleverTap Partner Ecosystem, partners will join forces with the best solution providers in the space and unearth new opportunities for monetization and knowledge sharing.
Our partners fall into two categories:

  1. Product Partners

    Companies with a complementary product offering to CleverTap’s fall into this category. This includes products from attribution, acquisition, communication, and customer experiences.
    A technical integration with CleverTap enables the product partner to send relevant user information straight into the customer’s CleverTap dashboard. Our customers can see all their data at one place and experience the benefits of both products. Our integrations with Appsflyer, Apsalar, Branch, Sendgrid, Tune, and Twilio provide our shared customers with a comprehensive mobile solution.
    CleverTap’s integration with Sendgrid’s robust email delivery system helps shared clients create targeted, personalized email engagement strategies without worrying about the scalability or deliverability of their campaigns.
    By integrating with CleverTap, Appsflyer attribution data is included in a user’s history within CleverTap. Marketers can access the attribution source of every user to build an end-to-end personalized user experience.

  2. Integration and Marketing Partners

    This category includes developer shops, system integrators, marketing agencies, and accelerators whose clients benefit from CleverTap’s marketing automation capabilities. These partners are CleverTap experts, and can deliver more value to their clients with customized solutions that meet their unique requirements.
    Our partnerships with Shopify, TopFan, Mobincube, and Opalina Technologies help our partners promote data-driven, personalized, and omnichannel mobile marketing strategies that increase lifetime customer value.
    TopFan, a maker of celebrity apps, partnered with CleverTap to provide their clients with a ready-to-use CleverTap account preloaded with their user data. As a result, TopFan’s clients are able to quickly create smart engagement strategies across the entire user lifecycle, without any time spent integrating CleverTap or creating dashboards.
    See a list of our current partners here.

Why Become a CleverTap Partner?

The CleverTap Partner Ecosystem connects our partners with mobile marketers who are looking for their solution.
Join the CleverTap Partner Ecosystem to:

  1. Expand your mobile offerings and provide differentiated value to your customers.
  2. Create joint marketing activities and custom go-to-market plans that help amplify brand presence and drive rapid growth.
  3. Learn and share knowledge on building better products and solving common mobile marketing challenges.
  4. Expand your audience and drive revenue by acquiring users from new markets.
  5. Get exclusive access to CleverTap’s beta features, and share feedback on how we can help you succeed.

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Smarter and Stronger Together

We believe that by joining forces, we can solve the complex challenges that modern marketers experience every day.
We look forward to this ecosystem flourishing in 2018. Here’s to driving more value for all our customers!

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Last updated on April 5, 2024