Creating Hyper-Personalized Customer Experiences

The Key to Retention & Growth
Virtual Event: May 26, 2022  |  11am IST and 11am PDT

Hyper-personalization that’s both contextual and real-time is what sets a brand apart

With fierce competition for customer attention combined with complex customer journeys across multiple channels, today’s companies face major challenges. They need to define and create each touchpoint based on who their customers are, where they enter the funnel, and what their future journey will look like. And they have to do so with fewer resources, at a time when customers demand more than ever before.This edition of CleverTap Quarterly highlights how our customers—across verticals and regions—use hyper-personalization to gain a competitive advantage. It also covers insights from thought leaders and industry experts on what hyper-personalization means now and how it will evolve in the future.

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View From the Top: What’s Driving the Latest Trends in Mobile Marketing & User Retention

Sidharth Malik  |  Chief Executive Officer, CleverTap
Learn about the latest trends in mobile marketing, retention, growth, and personalization.

Keeping the ‘Personal Touch’ in Marketing

Eli Stein  |  Partner, McKinsey & CompanyPeggy Anne Salz  |  Founder & Chief Analyst, MobileGroove
McKinsey research shows that companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue than those that don’t. During this fireside chat, McKinsey Partner Eli Stein sits down with MobileGroove analyst and founder Peggy Anne Salz to discuss how marketers maintain loyalty and drive growth through personalized customer experiences.

From Listening to Action: Building the World’s Best Retention Cloud

Anand Jain  |  Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, CleverTapMomchil Kyurkchiev  |  Chief Strategy Officer, CleverTap
Anand will share learnings from his customer listening tour and how CleverTap puts those learnings into action. He will also cover the early success of initiatives like the Early Adopter Program and provide insights about innovative features our customers can expect in the near future. Momchil will then join Anand to discuss how CleverTap and Leanplum are coming together to form the #1 retention cloud.

Partnering to Turbo Charge Growth for Digital Brands

Scott Pugh  |  Regional VP & General Manager – APAC, MixpanelVikrant Chowdhary  |  Chief Growth Officer, CleverTap
Partnerships are core to how CleverTap delivers value to our customers. This session explores how CleverTap and Mixpanel provide deep analytics and hyper-personalized omnichannel engagement to achieve retention and growth.

From Browsing to Buying: How Tata CLiQ Uses Data to Segment Audiences & Fuel Growth

Mansi Verma  |  Head – Customer Retention Marketing, Tata CLiQAbhishek Gupta  |  Chief Customer Officer, CleverTap
Tata CLiQ, India’s leading luxury and lifestyle platform, shares the rules-based blueprint it follows to segment audiences based on browsing history and propensity to purchase. Find out how harnessing hyper-personalized, real-time messaging has boosted CTRs and fueled exponential growth for Tata CLiQ.

CleverTap Email as a Part of Your Omnichannel Engagement to DriveHyper-Personalization

Tushar Pimple  |  Director of Product, CleverTap
This spotlight covers the new and upcoming capabilities of CleverTap email and how to use email as a part of your omnichannel engagement suite to take your marketing to the next level.

Supercharging Rules-Based Marketing to Win at Fantasy Gaming (and Reach Unicorn Status Too!)

Nikhil Lalvani  |  Director of Product Management, Dream11 Jayant Kshirsagar | Senior Vice President – Marketing, CleverTap
Dream11 – the first and the largest Indian fantasy gaming unicorn with over 120 million users – shares the strategy it follows to hyper-personalize messaging to ensure all players, from beginners that need encouragement to pros who love a challenge, stay in the game.

Harnessing the Power of Hyper-Personalization to Educate, Drive Inclusion & Ignite Growth

Christian Carvajal  |  Growth – Founding Team, SumerMarcelo Zuppardo  |  Co-Founder & CMO, Guru InvestimentosAnand Jain  | Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, CleverTap
Guru, a fintech democratizing access to the stock market for the under-35 investor, and Sumer, a nimble challenger in the ecommerce space, share how they are harnessing hyper-personalization to educate their customers, drive inclusion, and ignite revenue growth for all.

What Powers Hyper-Personalization Within Your Retention Cloud?

Jacob Joseph  |  Vice President – Data Science, CleverTap
CleverTap’s top-tier data science team has created backend technology to make hyper-personalization easy to use for our customers. Explore what goes on behind the scenes while you crush your retention goals using hyper-personalization.

It’s An Omnichannel World: How AirAsia & Muuv Labs Are Personalizing in Real Time and Improving CX

Kim Adams  |  Director of Marketing – Client Manager, Muuv LabsSue Lin Teo  |  Head of Growth & Digital Marketing, AirAsiaPeggy Anne Salz  |  Founder & Chief Analyst, MobileGroove
In providing an omnichannel experience, it’s not enough to merely consider the touchpoints in a user’s journey. Channels and marketing also need to be adapted to users’ individual and real-time requirements. Find out how AirAsia and Muuv Labs use hyper-personalization to reduce friction, increase convenience, and anticipate consumer needs.
Peggy Anne Salz  |  Founder & Chief Analyst, MobileGroove


Abhishek Gupta

Chief Customer Officer,CleverTap

Abhishek leads customer success, technical account management & customer support where customers are at the center of everything. He’s passionate about all things product, including strategy, use cases, design & implementation. He was previously in leadership roles with Sprinklr, Trilogy & Ignite Technologies.

Anand Jain

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer,CleverTap

Anand is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer—leading the platform’s strategic direction, including design, development, product management & product marketing. He was previously in leadership roles with Infomedia18, Network18 Media and Investments, and co-founder at Burrp, India’s first food tech business.

Christian Carvajal

Growth – Founding Team,Sumer

Christian Carvajal is a Growth Marketer with over ten years of experience, passionate about digital marketing and tech, who wants to support entrepreneurship and SMEs and ignite real results and growth for them through Sumer.

Eli Stein

Partner,McKinsey & Company

Eli Stein is a Partner at McKinsey & Company. In this role, Eli serves consumer companies on growth and data-driven marketing topics. He is based in San Francisco, CA.

Jacob Joseph

Vice President, Data Science,CleverTap

An investment banker by accident and a data scientist by choice, Jacob brings over 15 years of combined experience in analytics, consulting, and portfolio management to solve complex business problems faced by marketers with the help of cutting-edge data science.

Jayant Kshirsagar

Senior Vice President, MarketingCleverTap

Jayant Kshirsagar leads marketing for CleverTap globally. He has over 25 years of leadership experience at multinational companies, including SAP, Intuit, Wipro and Idea Cellular. Jayant has launched strategic marketing initiatives that have measurable impacts on business outcomes and building communities, efforts that have given him a deep understanding of the customers he has served and the challenges they face

Kim Adams

Director of Marketing – Client Manager, Muuv Labs

Kim has an MA in Kinesiology from the University of Texas and a BA in Psychology from Duke University and was editorial manager for the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. She spent 6 years creating course content, consumer-facing content, and educating clients on their products at TriggerPoint and Implus.

Mansi Verma

Head – Customer Retention Marketing,Tata CLiQ

Mansi eats, breathes, and sleeps retention & CRM. In past roles, she’s worked in the ecommerce industry to grow repeat business, customer LTV, and various other app-engagement metrics. Currently, she’s working with the TATA group to drive retention for Tata CLiQ, Tata CLiQ Luxury & the to-be-launched beauty app, CLiQ Palette.

Marcelo Zuppardo

Co-Founder & CMO,Guru Investimentos

Marcelo started his career as Brand Strategist at big ad agencies in Brazil. He also founded two startups and learned many valuable lessons along the way. He never invested before Guru, as he was wary of doing so, noting that his country had 200 million habitants but only 800,000 invested in the stock market.

Momchil Kyurkchiev

Chief Strategy Officer,CleverTap

Momchil is the Chief Strategy Officer at CleverTap. Recognized as Founder of the Year by the Central European Startup Awards, he is a visionary evangelist leader passionate about building relationships and culture. A leading expert on user retention and mobile marketing, before CleverTap, as the CEO of Leanplum, he grew the company to 100+ employees and $20M+ in revenue.

Nikhil Lalvani

Director of Product Management,Dream 11

Nikhil Lalvani works at the intersection of sports and technology. He is super passionate about what he does and the things he gets to learn. At Dream11, his role is to ensure their fantasy sports users love playing on the app.

Peggy Anne Salz

Founder & Chief Analyst,MobileGroove

Peggy is a writer, analyst, consultant, and podcast host and one of the most influential speakers in the mobile marketing space. The founder of MobileGroove, Peggy is also a nine-time author and frequent guest contributor, sharing her insights on innovation at the intersection of content, commerce and community.

Scott Pugh

Regional VP & General ManagerAPAC, Mixpanel

Scott Pugh leads Mixpanel’s Asia Pacific business and has been instrumental in building a high-performance team that has delivered rapid growth for the company. Prior to Mixpanel, Scott spent 15 years in the technology and online industry with seven years at Linkedin where he helped launch its Talent Solutions business in Asia.

Sidharth Malik

Chief Executive Officer,CleverTap

Sid is charged with continuing the company’s global expansion & revenue growth by building new capabilities and improving operating efficiency. Previously, he served as CRO, Freshworks Inc., Chairman, Freshworks India and has held various leadership roles at Akamai Technologies, Salesforce, IBM, and Microsoft.

Sue Lin Teo

Head of Growth & Digital Marketing,AirAsia

Sue Lin’s career is digitally born and, over the years, has grown her scope to include every digital touchpoint across the user journey. She oversees AirAsia’s in-house Growth & Digital Marketing team that includes digital strategy, paid and organic channels, CRM, app marketing, and analytics.

Tushar Pimple

Director of Product,CleverTap

Tushar is a Product Leader at CleverTap overseeing automation and engagement capabilities. He’s an ex-entrepreneur and award-winning product management specialist with more than a decade of experience in high tech.

Vikrant Chowdhary

Chief Growth Officer,CleverTap

Vikrant joined CleverTap as its first-ever Chief Growth Officer, leading the company’s marketing and sales team and its integrated go-to-market (GTM) strategy globally across all commercial and enterprise segments. He was previously in leadership roles with Salesforce, SAP, Teradata, IBM, and select startups.