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Mastering Your Digital Identity: The Power of Email Branding

Apoorv Bhatnagar Apoorv, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at CleverTap, drives digital marketing strategies. Expert in SEO, analytics, and channel marketing. Previous roles at Freshworks, excelling in organic SEO, lead generation, and CMS activities.
Mastering Your Digital Identity: The Power of Email Branding

In the current dynamic digital era where messaging apps ping incessantly and social media feeds overflow with fleeting updates, a constant battle rages to grab users attention but even amidst this cacophony email remains a potent tool for shaping a  brand’s digital identity.  A brand’s online presence constitutes a major part of its overall identity and email is not just a mere channel of communication; it is a crucial component of the brand’s digital identity. Every time an email is delivered to someone’s inbox, it creates a perception about the brand it represents. This is where email branding comes in – the art of crafting a consistent and professional image through email communication.

What is Email Branding?

Email branding is the practice of building a cohesive and distinct identity for a brand in every email sent to the audience. This ensures a unified experience and strengthens recipient recognition and trust.

Why Email Branding Matters?

According to a report published by Statista, there were an estimated 333 billion emails sent and received daily around the world in the year 2022 and this figure is projected to rise to 392.5 billion daily e-mails by the year 2026. Despite the excessive adoption of chat platforms and social media channels, email continues to hold a unique and vital position in our digital lives, and its usage shows no signs of slowing down. To stay relevant and resonate with the users, marketers need to adopt email branding to build an efficient omni channel brand.    

First Impression

Set the tone of communication for a brand by sending well designed email, with a professional signature and consistent branding elements. A positive first impression can be the difference between a user engaging with the message or sending it to the spam folder. A poorly designed email generic content can undermine a brands credibility and hinder the possibility to build a connection. 

Boost Brand Recognition 

Consistent email branding can reinforce brand identity just like a recognizable logo or slogan. Using the same colors, fonts and logos across all email communication brands can boost recognition, create a sense of familiarity with the audience and reinforce the brands digital identity. 

Build Trust

A professional and well designed email that resonates with the users fosters trust and confidence making them more receptive of the message, however a shoddily designed email with generic content can give rise to doubts and suspicion about the professionalism and legitimacy of the brand and the product or service provided. 

Enhance Engagement

A visually appealing and well-structured email with strong brand recognition stands more chances to be opened, read and acted upon. Email branding can lead to a leap in open rates, CTRs and drive more conversion by fostering strong relationships between a brand and its users.

What are the Key Elements Of Email Branding?

Company logo – A brand’s logo is its visual representation. Incorporating the company logo in the email signature is a means to reinforce brand recognition among new and existing users. 

Color scheme – Use colors that are in sync with the brand identity. Consistency in the color scheme helps devise a cohesive experience.

Fonts – Whether it is old style,modern, classic or playful, fonts reflect the brands personality and must be consistent. 

Visual Features – To enhance email’s aesthetics, visuals elements like banners, icons or dividers can be incorporated. 

Emotions – Craft email marketing campaigns that evoke emotions like excitement, trust or nostalgia to connect with the audience and drive engagement.

Clear CTA – Call-to-action buttons must be clear and prominently indicated to induce desired action.  

Master Email Branding with CleverTap

Clevertap is a customer engagement platform that empowers brands to take full control of email campaigns and craft impactful communication through robust tools. CleverTap can elevate the email game by:

Building a Unified Brand Foundation

Brands can ditch the generic look and pick a responsive and mobile-friendly template from the library of pre-designed customizable email templates that not only tailor to various marketing and business needs but also look stunning across devices.  

These templates can be customized to be in sync with the brand identity using CleverTap’s drag and drop editor to integrate colors, fonts and logos across all email communication, reinforcing recognition and fostering trust among users. 


Subscribers, get a sneak peek at the email! Pre-header content like promo codes, featured visuals and expiration dates are all visible before they click. Annotations are an excellent tool to set apart an email, and intrigue the users to open it. CleverTap provides you with a no-code way to annotate email messages that enables marketers to highlight emails on the Gmail Promotions Tab, so that they stand out from other email communication in the inbox.  


Go beyond the impersonal ‘’Dear Sir/Madam’’. Use recipient names not generic titles and dynamic content based on past user behavior and segmented audience lists. A touch of personalization in the email campaigns boosts the odds of engagement, open rates, CTRs and drives growth.

Refine and Optimize

Not sure which subject line will resonate the most? CleverTap’s A/B testing feature tests different elements of the email like subject line, CTA, design to determine what appeals the most to the users. Such a data driven approach helps marketers refine email branding strategy and optimize campaigns for maximum impact. 

Real-time Analytics

Understand now users interact with the email campaigns and gain valuable insights with CleverTap’s comprehensive analytics dashboard that efficiently tracks key performance metrics in real-time. These analytical insights can help make informed decisions to improve email branding strategy. 

User Journeys

Emails become a powerful cog in a brand’s omnichannel strategy, orchestrating a unified customer experience. CleverTap enables marketers to craft seamless customer journeys, with the visual builder that automates omnichannel campaigns, seamlessly weaving emails alongside push notifications and other channels. Deliver the right message at the perfect time, depending on past user behavior and data. Personalize the user experience throughout the lifecycle, from onboarding to re-engagement. 

Emotional Intelligence 

Craft emails that resonate with the users at a deeper level with Scribe, the first and only AI writing assistant to analyze and adapt with the emotional tone of the content. Leverage OpenAI’s powerful technology to automatically generate emails that tap into the right emotions, removing writer’s block and simplifying the process of email creation

Level Up: AMP for Email unlocks a world of possibilities:

Email marketing is evolving and AMP for Email is the game-changer brands have been waiting for. 

Interactivity: Engage the audience

Bid adieu to static text. Embed interactive elements like carousels, buttons, polls and surveys directly into the emails. Enhance engagement and encourage recipients to take action before leaving the inbox. 

User Segmentation: Customize Communication for Maximum Impact

Not all recipients are alike. Segment audience based on interests, demographics and past behavior with CleverTap’s powerful segmentation tool that enables marketers to deliver personalized email experiences bespoke to each recipient’s needs enhancing relevance and engagement. 

Triggered Campaigns: Automate Communication with Triggered Campaigns

Leverage CleverTap’s automation capabilities and send email campaigns triggered by specific user behavior or events, like welcoming new users, re-engaging inactive ones or reminding users about an abandoned cart. This helps nurture relationships and maintain a consistent channel of communication with minimum efforts. 

Don’t just send emails, create experiences. Embrace AMP for Email with CleverTap and stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic marketing landscape

Email branding gives brands the opportunity to make a lasting first impression, convey its values and establish trust with the audience. Investing in email branding is not only about design and aesthetics; it is about building and maintaining a strong connection with the users. CleverTap, offers a holistic suite of features that cater to diverse customer engagement needs and enable brands to master email branding and establish a strong digital identity. To learn more schedule a demo

Posted on March 14, 2024