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Boost Engagement using CleverTap’s triggered Campaigns

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal Parekh, Senior Manager at CleverTap, has expertise in product, consumer, and digital marketing, with previous roles at Razorpay and Amazon.
Boost Engagement using CleverTap’s triggered Campaigns

Keeping the fundamental tenet of online advertising and analytics in mind, it is a known fact that the more you understand your end user (aka, the more information you have about them), the better your marketing campaigns will be.
This is what makes online advertising unique, because you can get a lot of information about how people interact with your marketing communication – something that isn’t very apparent when you advertise offline.
Scheduled & Triggered campaigns allow you to send messages to users based on specific actions that they take within your app, or you can have a bunch of pre-made campaigns that you have scheduled to run; according to your analysis of the market and past actions that your users have taken.
Let’s look at each of these in detail. For this example, we shall consider a fictional company called “Acme Mart” which sells sporting and fitness equipment. Our fictional user for this scenario is Larry.

Scheduled Campaigns – Using Past Behavior to Guide Strategic Actions

Scheduled campaigns allow you to create a series of messages or promotions that will go out at specific times, based on the past behavior of your users.

  • User takes an action, but hasn’t completed the entire process.

Let’s say Larry reads a promotional email you sent him about free weight training, launches your app and starts browsing the kettlebell section on your store. He’s looking at different kettlebells, and maybe he’s even watched a couple of promo videos for specific products within this category. But then, he goes away for a couple of days and there’s been no activity from him on your app.
Using scheduled campaigns, you can send him a notification that tells him
Scheduled Push Notification

  • User adds an item to cart, but doesn’t complete the checkout process for an extended duration.

Let’s say Larry clicked on your clubbell message, and started browsing the different products you have in this category. He picked out a couple that he thinks would be helpful to him, and added them to the shopping cart. However, he started doing something else and quit your app before completing the purchase. A couple of days have passed, and Larry still hasn’t completed the purchase.
Using scheduled campaigns, you can now send Larry a message which says something like
Scheduled Push Notifications Add to Cart

Mobile Engagement & Retention

Mobile Engagement & Retention

Hook your users and keep them engaged by borrowing the psychological tricks used by addictive apps like Facebook, Snapchat or Clash of Clans

Triggered Campaigns – Using Urgency to Guide User Behavior

Triggered campaigns help you to send real-time prompts to users based on their current behavior within the app. These are generally used for time-sensitive actions, where you might want to alert a user shortly after they have performed some activity (or had a small period of inactivity) on your app.

  • Triggered campaigns can guide users through a certain buying threshold.

Let’s say Larry is also looking for some trendy gym-wear to go with all the equipment he’s going to purchase. Maybe he particularly likes a pair of blue CrossFit shorts, and he clicks the “Heart/Like” button on that product page. And then, Larry walks away to get a cup of coffee, and forgets about shopping for a few minutes.
Now, using triggered campaigns, you can send him a message that goes
Triggered Push Notification for Discount

  • Triggered campaigns can be used to encourage users to perform an additional set of actions/purchases.

Perhaps Larry really liked the discount message you sent him, and purchased the blue shorts that he was looking at.
Immediately after Larry completes the purchase, you can send him a triggered campaign message which goes
Triggered Push Notification Purchase
If you’re running a limited time discount or any other offer/opportunity that is predicated on users taking action within a certain time window (maybe they signed up for a webinar that is a week from today), you can use date and time reminders to let them know that the time window is approaching.
Reminder Push Notification

The Power of Clevertap’s Scheduled and Triggered Campaigns

With Clevertap’s Scheduled and Triggered campaigns, you can:

A/B split test to ensure maximum efficiency

Which creatives and copy ensure the best possible conversion? Find out and improvise in real time with A/B testing. You can set different variables and try out several calls-to-action, subject lines etc. to maximize your signup/purchase rates.
“Here is our latest summer catalog!”
“The Coolest Ways To Get Fit This Summer!”

Recurring campaigns to automate trend reactions

Does data show that your users are most active on Fridays and Sundays? Use recurring campaigns to automatically schedule campaign events on specific days of the week/month.

Multi-channel support

Users interact with your advertising on a bunch of different platforms. Using our campaign modules, you can send out messages to your users through push notifications, in-app prompts, email, SMS and Web Push.

Detailed reporting on your campaigns

CleverTap makes it easy to track your campaigns. Our reporting dashboard allows you to track deliveries, impressions, revenue and click-throughs for your campaigns. You can look at daily, weekly and monthly reports to gain a broader understanding of how well your marketing is doing.

Notification API for real-time updates and breaking news

Our notification API makes it possible to trigger and schedule campaigns based on different events in the real world. For example, if you want to inform all your users that the price of a certain product has dropped, you can use the API to send messages to them across several different channels.
Push Notification CleverTap
Triggered and scheduled campaigns are a powerful feature that allows you to respond in real-time to the behavior of your users and send strategic prompts to guide them into your funnel.
[bctt tweet=”Understanding user behaviour is what separates a failed marketing campaign from a successful one!”]
In a dynamic market where flexibility is key, Clevertap’s campaigns allow you to take advantage of buying trends and user behavior to create wildly successful marketing initiatives.

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Last updated on June 10, 2024