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Nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned, amounting to $4 trillion in lost sales each year. By keeping buyer intelligence updated, brands can turn these almost-lost opportunities into actual conversions.

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The Proverbial Abandoned Cart 

A 7-page guide on mobile commerce best practices

Whats in this Ebook?

Contextual Marketing for higher conversion rates

CleverTap: A consolidated analytics and engagement platform to help drive growth

Real time buyer intelligence for optimal decision making

Avoid the common pitfalls of abandoned carts and lost opportunities. Meet users where they are - at the right time, with the right message, via the right messaging channel - and nudge them to complete their incomplete transactions.

With a unified platform for analytics and engagement, brands can capture real-time buyer data and combine that with timely engagement strategies to remind users about their abandoned carts and convert opportunity into dollars.

Consumers are  performing various actions which may not always lead to the next logical business step.  With a real time analytics platform, you can capture buyer data as it occurs  and use that data to influence the purchasing decision.

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