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7 Step Launch Checklist for Your Mobile App

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal, Senior Product Marketing Manager at CleverTap, excels in B2B strategy, market planning, and product launches. Proven success at Razorpay and Amazon.
7 Step Launch Checklist for Your Mobile App

If you’re launching an app, marketing that app has to be the second highest priority after ensuring that your app functions as planned. Preparing that app marketing plan however requires a strategy and a comprehensive checklist of to-do items.
What are the critical steps you should consider before launching your mobile app? Here are a few developer tips and a pre-launch checklist to get you started.

The 7-Step Checklist For Your App Launch

1) Beta Test
In today’s competitive market, Beta testing your app is an important step before launching your app. The main goal of beta testing is to get real-world experience on how well your app will perform with actual users.  Three popular platforms for IOS & Android testing include TestFlight, Test Fairy, and HockeyApp.
2) App Analytics SDK
How will you track your users behavior and measure the performance of your app?  Installing a comprehensive mobile analytics and engagement platform like CleverTap will be an essential tool in optimizing and increasing retention for your app.
Key Tips
• Integrate CleverTap’s SDK to track mobile analytics and user engagement performance
• Pick KPIs that make sense for your target audience
• Track performance and make changes based on data
• Evaluate your user behavior and engage them with targeted and segmented campaigns
• Personalize your user’s app experience to make every interaction unique
3) Pre-Launch Landing Page
It’s never too early to start building a buzz about your new mobile app and create a fan following. What are the three best practices for a pre-launch landing page?
• Design a clean and simple landing page that showcases your app’s screenshots, app features, and product launch date
• Invite users to sign up for product launch notifications
• Offer social media sharing tools for fans to recommend your app to others
4) Video Trailer
A demo video trailer for your app is an extremely important marketing tool for launching your app. It helps provide a quick overview of what your key app features are and will be essential to driving organic downloads of your app.
Key Tips

  • Limit your app trailer to 30 seconds
  • Feature app store icon and screenshots
  • Show application interaction
  • Identify if the app is available on iOS & Android

5) App Store
The success or failure of your app could hinge on your App Store landing page design, screenshots, and store icon. Before launching your App Store landing page, it’s important to define your marketing strategy.

  • iOS vs. Android platform
  • Clear app description and feature list
  • Define your target audience
  • Localization and translation
  • Free vs. Paid app
  • Easy access to customer support

6) Social Media
When launching your new mobile product, social media is an excellent platform to drive organic growth and engagement for your app.

  • Set up your official social media pages for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr
  • Launch your official social media channels one month before launch to build brand buzz and share information about your app
  • Build fan buzz by tweeting and posting to Facebook weekly both prior and during your mobile app launch

7) Press Kit
Creating a press kit to promote your mobile app is extremely important for your product launch. If bloggers and journalists express interest in your app, respond right away with a zip file of your press kit that contains the following information.

  • Press release
  • Store icon and screenshots
  • Video demo trailer
  • App description
  • Previous Reviews
  • Company information

When launching an app, marketing strategies will ensure that all the hard work that went into developing the product will bear fruit in a steady stream of users and customers. Start out with the above 7-step checklist and then read up on some more ideas for marketing your product below.

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Posted on February 1, 2016