Case Study

Denver Broncos Orange Herd App Uses Mobile Marketing Automation to Personalize Large-Scale Messaging Campaigns

8xUplift in CTRs and improved retention rates
15%Conversion boost using Pivots

The Denver Broncos Story

Three-time Super Bowl champions the Denver Broncos have one of the largest and most passionate fan bases in the NFL, with an average game attendance of 76k and a sell-out streak that dates back to 1970. They turned to TopFan, the US-based fan apps developer and trusted partner to top sports and entertainment celebrities, to create the Denver Broncos Orange Herd app. The app keeps fans connected with the Broncos with real-time breaking news, game previews, and stats and scores from the official NFL stats engine. The Broncos’ most die-hard supporters can connect with fellow fanatics, access immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, and earn exclusive rewards including autographs, merchandise, and meet-and-greets.


  • Multi-channel Marketing Increased Conversions
  • Personalization at Scale Personalization at Scale
  • Contextual Engagement Data-Driven Engagement

The Broncos wanted to capitalize on their recent Super Bowl 50 victory to better monetize their growing fan base and keep supporters engaged year-round. In order to keep users coming back to the app, the TopFan team needed to provide value — even in the offseason. They also wanted to encourage VIP subscription purchases, which allow users to access exclusive content, virtual reality experiences, and live chats. They needed to strike a careful balance between delivering enough value to the free tier to keep users engaged while providing incentives for them to upgrade to a paid subscription.


The Orange Herd app increased engagement with updates and content tailored to each of their 25,000+ user’s preferences. They created a series of push notification campaigns with links to polls, exclusive game videos, promo codes for fan merchandise, relevant app updates, and even opportunities to interact with Denver Broncos players. They’ve seen up to 26% CTRs for these campaigns, driving week 1 retention rates of 26% (compared to 8% for the average entertainment app)*. They’ve also seen a dramatic 30x increase in subscription purchases.

Personalized Push Campaigns

TopFan sends automated push notification campaigns scheduled for a particular time or triggered by real-time user activity, to drive user engagement.


Advanced data insights allow TopFan to easily identify golden windows for transactions and peak user activity so they can send messages at exactly the right moment.

A/B testing

TopFan can experiment and refine campaigns by comparing copy, creative assets, and calls to action to create the most effective messaging

Jeffrey Kohn CEO TopFan

“Personalization is imperative in our business. CleverTap enables app owners with the insights they need to create and optimize their messaging. They can schedule and send massive personalized campaigns in a matter of seconds, without worrying about deliverability” Jeffrey Kohn, CEO and Co-Founder, TopFan, Inc.

What’s next?

TopFan is committed to delivering premium OTT content to keep building the Broncos fan community. The team plans to use CleverTap’s Journeys and live user segments to build an amazing end-to-end user experience that drives engagement and conversions — and continues to delight Broncos fans worldwide.