App Engagement Glossary

July 9, 2018

User engagement – also known as customer engagement – is a measurement of a user’s response to your app or specific app features. It also measures users’ response to your advertising and marketing campaigns and whether your campaigns are compelling them to do certain actions.

These actions can be anything from launching the app, to making in-app purchases, booking flights, signing up for a monthly subscription, or other interactions between the user and your app.

Engagement depends upon an individual user’s behavioral traits and patterns. You can measure user engagement directly through the number and quality of interactions between user and app.

App Engagement

App engagement in particular is a measurement of the amount of interaction a user has with your mobile app.

App engagement will be one of the largest goals of your mobile marketing campaigns. Because in order to monetize your users and increase customer lifetime value, you have to get users hooked on your app first.

App engagement is key to the process of getting the user into your app so usage becomes a habit, which in turn makes it easier to motivate them towards a conversion event.

How App Engagement is Measured

This type of engagement is measured using a common set of metrics, including:

  • DAU and MAU
  • Retention Rate
  • Session Length and Session Interval
  • Average visits per month
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time to first engagement
    In travel apps for example, 80% of users transition to engagement from the onboarding stage within 44 minutes. You need to track the time it takes to get to that first engagement. If you monitor, optimize, and improve this metric, you deliver value to your users early in their journey and can more easily convert them.

Why Engagement is Crucial to Mobile Marketing

The level of engagement that a user shows in your app indicates their level of interest in your product or brand. The more time they spend in your app, the more the engagement, which also means the more they’re interested in your brand.

It’s about building a connection with your users. And positive engagement shows that they are investing time and emotion into you.

But not only are they aware of your brand, this also increases the likelihood of monetization.

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