Deep Links

November 6, 2018

Say you click on a push notification on a video streaming app, and it sends you straight to the last episode you were watching – you just tapped a deep link.

What are Deep Links?

Deep links are URLs to specific pages or screens within your app. They are a way to bring a user to a specific place in your app, instead of simply leaving them at your default/home screen.

Deep links can also bring a user to specific section of a page. For example, straight to the chat window instead of at the top of a screen.

Finally, deep links allow Google to index your app so it can link to those specific sections in your app within its searches.

Why Deep Links are Important Tools for Engagement

In this comprehensive blog post about deep linking, we explain why they are so crucial for engagement. In a nutshell:

Deep linking is the perfect tool for marketers to drive engagement and conversions by bringing users to specific conversion points within the app, tailored by their past behavior or stated interests.

The truth is: if you want to convert users from mere spectators to paying customers, deep links are a way to bring them closer to buying, sometimes by actually bringing them to the checkout screen.

Deep Linking Options

There are many ways deep links can bring users into your app. Here are some examples:

  • Web link to app
  • Banner ad to app
  • Push notification to app
  • SMS to app
  • Email to app
  • Social media post to app
  • App to app
  • Search result listing to app (using app indexing)

Read More About Deep Linking

For more detailed info on implementing deep links into your mobile marketing, check out the links below:

User retention is the defining metric for successful mobile apps. ...
Deep links are an essential part of the mobile marketer’s ...
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