November 6, 2018

Every time marketers talk about their work, they mention campaigns. A marketing campaign is a collection of tactics designed to capture the attention of its targets.

Examples of Marketing Campaigns

There are many different types of marketing campaigns.

They can be simple, like an email campaign sending a “thank you for downloading” message to a new app user. Or they can be as complicated as a multi-city, multi-state, multimedia viral campaign for the launch of a product.

They can involve both online and offline media, such as SMS marketing alongside paid ads on major search engines. Or they can involve engaging with influencers on Twitter as well as announcing new products on Product Hunt.

Whether they have one step or multiple stages, these are all considered marketing campaigns. And you can use them all to promote your app and your brand.

Marketing Campaign Goals

Campaign goals may vary in breadth, but they will fall into these four main buckets:

  • Promote the brand to the public (AKA brand awareness)
  • Tell people about a new product/service that hasn’t been seen before
  • Show people how this product/service solves a pain point they’re experiencing
  • Persuade the public to buy your brand’s products or services

Creating Campaigns in CleverTap

When you create a campaign within CleverTap, you can choose from nine different messaging channels:

  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Web Push
  • Web Popup
  • Web Exit Intent
  • Email
  • Webhooks
  • Facebook Audience

This wide variety of channels allows you to create various engagement strategies to reach your users with a personalized message at the right time.

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