Customer Data Platform

May 10, 2019

As mobile marketers, we collect data from our users in order to build user experiences and marketing opportunities that match our users’ interests.

Let’s face it, as users ourselves, we don’t want to input our details every single time we use an app or a service online. We want the companies we interact with to remember our data so we can continue to use the service seamlessly.

That’s where a customer data platform comes in handy.

What is a Customer Data Platform?

A customer data platform is software or a packaged service that builds a persistent customer database which can be accessed by the other business systems your company already uses.

When you think of a customer database, that’s merely a single, unified collection of data pertaining to your customers. This data can be used to create rich user profiles that outline a user and their every interaction with your brand, in detail.

Think about all the information your app and your brand has already gathered from users. You have demographic data such as name, address, age, and gender. If you use the CleverTap platform, you can even gather psychographic data – a user’s habits, likes and dislikes, values, lifestyle, personality traits, and interests. All of which help you to build out granular segments for your marketing campaigns.

The CDP Unifies Customer Data From Silos

Customer data is typically stored in many different systems scattered across the company. Think of the data from your app, in your CRM, in your analytics back end, in your email marketing software, and much more.

A customer data platform allows all this scattered data to be unified and accessed from a single place. This way, other systems can mine it for actionable business insight.

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