Mobile Marketing Glossary

July 9, 2018

Mobile marketing is a process by which marketers promote their products and services to users with mobile devices, whether these are smartphones, tablets, wearables, or some other smart, handheld device.

The term also includes activities by mobile app developers who promote their app so that more people find, download, and use their app.

What is mobile marketing?

What Makes Mobile Marketing Different from Digital Marketing

To a certain extent, most digital marketing can already be considered mobile marketing since a large majority of customers and prospects use one or more mobile devices to access content.

But mobile marketing specifically ensures that you connect most effectively with users via their mobile device. It is laser focused on driving conversions on mobile and leverages the power of mobile networks, real-time data analysis, and user behavior.

Effective Elements of Mobile Marketing

In order for mobile marketing to succeed, it needs these elements:

  • Campaigns must be customized for mobile.
    Think mobile for everything from the length of your text to how your content looks on a vertical device to whether the CTA button is large enough to be clicked on by a thumb.
  • Ensure emails are optimized for mobile.
    Don’t forget the emails you send out for your campaigns should look good on mobile. Optimize your images so they look good even when tiny. Shorten your copy so you get to the value ASAP.
  • Make sure your website and landing pages are responsive.
    You don’t know at what resolution a prospect will be receiving your campaign on. So invest in a responsive design for your web properties especially your landing pages. Make sure they look good even in older devices.
  • Consider location-based services.
    You can target users in a geographic location via the signal their mobile devices emit. Consider investing in this hyper-targeted advertising to drive conversions in the real world.

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