User Profiles

Understand your users better with rich user profiles

Rich user profiles

CleverTap creates a profile for every user who visits your app – whether logged in or not. User’s demographic data (gender, age, location), app and website interactions, campaign visits and transaction history is stored to give you a complete picture.

As a user performs various actions in your app such as logging in, watching a video, browsing a catalog or purchasing, all this data is captured instantly on the user’s profile so you can analyze it right away.


Enrich each user profile with data from multiple sources


Segment users on any attribute stored on the user profile. Create segments on any combination of geography, demographics, reachability or custom user attributes.


Identify the same user across devices with Unified Profiles

With CleverTap’s Unified Profile you get a single view of your users across all their devices. You can now finally discover how users are using multiple devices to access your product or service.


Provide a consistent experience across all their devices


Get an accurate view of usage. No more double counting the same user

Deliver personalized content to your users across all their devices

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