Rich User Profiles

Get a deeper understanding of your users as they interact with your app.

Develop a Unified Customer Experience

Build a profile for every user who visits your app, storing demographic data (gender, age, location) along with all their app and website interactions, campaign visits, and transaction history. This helps you devise a user-centric app strategy and maintain a comprehensive user database at the same time.

User Profile

Inform Omnichannel Campaign Strategy with Profile Data

With detailed user profiles, you have the data to reach your customers at the right time and on their preferred channels. Now create differentiated omnichannel campaigns to engage your users with advanced trigger-based messaging.
Engage Users

Build Better Segments via User Profiles

As you build complete user profiles, you gain the ability to create segments based on specific profile data that you define. For example: build a segment of all users who like Korean movies, or who live in Chicago. Now you can create a campaign that’s customized to their tastes or locations.

Build Better Segments via User Profiles

Identify the Same User Across Devices

With CleverTap’s Unified Profiles, you gain a single view of your users across all their devices. Discover how customers are using multiple devices to access your product or service.

Identify the Same User Across Devices
Provide a consistent brand experience across devices
Accurate view of usage
Gain an accurate view of usage – no more double counting the same user
Deliver personalized content
Deliver personalized content to all their devices

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