Psychographic Segmentation: Marketing With Users’ Interests in Mind

Leverage Machine Learning to Know What Your Users Like

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Intelligent Segments Help You Deliver Engaging Messages

When every user today generates hundreds of data points, manual segmentation becomes cumbersome. Even with today’s innovative marketing tools like behavioral targeting, segmenting users effectively is still a challenge for many marketers. As micro-moments continue to multiply, it becomes impossible to stay on top of them manually.

With CleverTap’s industry-first Psychographic Segmentation, you can group users based on their likes and interests. Now you can make your segments more granular and target the right user with precision.

Let Machine Learning Guide Your Way

Machine Learning Identifies Micro-segments

Knowing what your users are interested in leads to more successful campaigns. Psychographic Segmentation uses machine learning to create micro-segments of users and engage them effectively by knowing their predominant interests. Keep them hooked to your brand by delivering a personalized experience tailored for each individual user.
Machine Learning Identifies Micro-segments

Get a 360° View of User Preferences

Move beyond traditional behavioral targeting that views user actions in isolation. User preferences change over time and it is time you stay ahead of the curve by targeting campaigns to the right group of users.

Using psychographic marketing, you can easily group users by interests, habits, lifestyle, or personality traits. Optimize your campaigns to ensure that you are reaching users in the right context at the right time with a message that they really care about.
Get a 360° View of User Preferences

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