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In the Webinar, we will explore

  • Why it is critical to consider current customer’s lifecycle stage for relevant and personalized communication
  • Why using recency and frequency of your customers interactions is the best way to segment users into actionable lifecycle stages
  • What actions are optimal for each lifecycle stage — for example whom to run your loyalty programs for, whom to re-engage and whom to target as your best advocates
customer lifecycle management



Sunil Thomas

CEO & Co-founder

Sunil is a technologist and drives CleverTap’s strategic vision while also managing investor relations. He has previously held CTO roles at startups and companies like Network18 and Infospace Inc.

KC Karnes

Kevin Karnes

Director of Marketing

Kevin is a well-known marketing strategist and entrepreneur responsible for growing some of the hottest technology companies in Silicon Valley. He is currently the Director of Marketing at CleverTap.


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