Gartner® Report: Your Customer Experience Needs an Experience Membrane — Here’s How to Get Started

The critical elements that application leaders need to execute on the fundamentals of optimized CX

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The Challenge

‘’Organizations struggle to actualize a 360-degree view of the customer and continue to operate in functional silos without ever having a unified view or understanding of the customer.’’

‘’Siloed data and lack of functional leader agreement prevent organizations from developing algorithms that can predict the stage of a customer and the next set of actions that should be taken by different functions.’’

What’s Inside?

As part of the Gartner series on CX CORE (which stands for customers, organization, relationships, experience), this report describes a customer experience ‘membrane.’ ‘’This membrane is where the customer meets the organization, what the customer experiences, and what defines this experience.”

‘’The membrane functions to hide the complexity of the organization from the customer, only exposing the services and touchpoints needed to create a customer experience. By focusing on the design of the membrane, organizations have a mechanism to continuously adapt and carefully shape and improve the customer experience.’’

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Gartner, Your Customer Experience Needs an Experience Membrane — Here’s How to Get Started, Melissa Hilbert, Don Scheibenreif, Mike Lowndes, Kathy Ross, Maria Marino, Sandy Shen, Marcus Blosch, 12 May 2022

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