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Eliminate Silos in Your CX Strategy With Gartner® “CORE” Model

Eliminate Silos in Your CX Strategy With Gartner® “CORE” Model

It’s long been said that the customer is king. And if the customer is king, then his or her birthright is undoubtedly an exceptional customer experience. 
Brands today realize that more than ever before, meeting customer expectations for a truly stellar experience is table stakes, and anything less simply won’t do. At least, if they want to reach healthy customer retention rates.
Gartner® has developed a model to help companies’ business stakeholders use their CRM technologies to meet the needs of today’s most demanding customers. Which is practically every customer. It’s called the “Customers, Organization, Relationships, Experience” (CORE)* — and we believe it’s a game changer.

Gartner CX CORE Model: Key Benefits

The model is based on these key findings:

  • Organizations need to determine each business stakeholder’s contribution to great customer experiences. 
  • Understanding how CRM applications will support business objectives and provide a better overall customer experience is a challenge. 

Gartner CX CORE model helps businesses effectively address both of these challenges. 

But First, Some Context…

Even though CRM technologies have succeeded in automating CRM processes, this automation has occurred in silos (such as sales, customer service, marketing, and digital commerce). The result has been customer journeys that are disconnected and irrelevant. 
Organizations responded by utilizing an array of technology providers, service providers, and customer end-user organizations to help manage customer relationships. Gartner refers to this as the “customer management industrial complex” which promotes an inside-out, company-centric approach to customer experiences. 
This system often leads businesses to prioritize short-term profits over long-term customer relationships and pursue operational efficiency at the expense of actual customer-centricity. 
Instead, they end up cobbling together different frameworks without any assurance that the result will enable them to best serve their customers. They fail to gain anything resembling a 360-degree view of their customers and worse, often don’t even know who their customers are, much less understand what stage of the relationship the customer is in. 
This can never result in any meaningful customer loyalty or satisfaction.
What makes this all the more ironic is that CRM technology was initially touted as a means to help manage relationships holistically. Instead, it’s evolved into a technology architecture. 

Gartner Model Provides the Solution

Gartner CX CORE model is designed to help brands build capabilities for lasting customer relationships that are grounded in empathy. It provides an organization’s various business units with a common model that they can use when determining their contributions to each stage of the customer journey. Basically, the model helps to break down existing silos and enables different departments to work together more effectively to create connected and effective customer journeys. 
The overall customer experience is defined by the different stages of the relationship between the customer and the organization.

The CX CORE model enables the organization to use defined customer journey maps for each of the experience stages that customers will go through (for example: struggle, grow and develop) — and map out what each organization’s contribution to that experience phase is. Having a common language helps when they are discussing the needs of their organization’s customers. 
The result is that organizations move away from providing better operations to an organization’s departments, and toward providing a better experience for the customer.

Get the Research and Start Using the Model to Improve Your CX 

This research is part of Gartner ongoing multidisciplinary series, which aims to explore opportunities for rethinking the customer experience in today’s disrupted world. 
CleverTap is now able to make this model available to you. Simply follow this link and fill out a short form, and a Gartner report explaining exactly how the model works will be emailed to you. 

Get the report

*Gartner, Enable Great Customer Experiences Using Gartner’s Customer Experience CORE Model, Gene Alvarez, 26 October 2021 
GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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