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3 years at CleverTap

Supreet Supreet Kini, a seasoned Mobile Retention and Growth expert, has over 9 years of experience working with more than 100 digital brands across Asia.
3 years at CleverTap

Supreet Kini is a Senior Customer Success Manager based out of our Mumbai office. We asked him to write about the changes he’s seen at the company and tell us what’s changed for the better.

It’s been 15 days since I celebrated three years at CleverTap, and during this period I have witnessed immense growth both personally and professionally. Some phenomenal changes I have seen these past three years:

  1. I was employee #27 when I joined, we are fast approaching a global workforce of 200 employees today.
  2. I was the seventh member of the Customer Success team at the time of joining — a team that has now grown to 35+ members across Customer Success, Technical Solution Architects, Trainers, and Support.
  3. Our office in Mumbai moved from a small space near Goregaon Railway station to occupying the 19th floor in a swanky corporate park with some great views of the city!
  4. The first paying customer I managed at CleverTap was a bike-hailing app that used to pay us $400/month. Now, one of the multiple customers I oversee is nearly 600 times that size!
  5. At the time I joined, we did not have dedicated Human Resources, Marketing, or Finance functions — these were built from the ground up.
  6. Sales and Customer Success used to be one function, managing the entire process from demos to go-live until we realized these teams needed to be differentiated. Although I might be biased to claim this but the sales team at CleverTap is one of the leading sales teams in the SaaS world.
  7. We reworked our entire architecture to make our product faster, more scalable, and more cost-efficient. The new architecture built by our fantastic Engineering team now enables us to process billions of requests and send out billions of messages throughout a single day.
  8. The product in itself has matured from a simpler analytics and engagement tool to a polished mobile marketing platform that empowers marketers to do cross-channel orchestration, derive real-time insights, and map the entire customer lifecycle, backed by the world’s strongest segmentation engine.
  9. Fun fact: I was the first from IMT Nagpur* to join the company. At one point, there were five folks from the same college, from consecutive batches – two who were senior to me, and two who were junior to me!

While there have been some immense changes, what has not changed is the trend of learning something new every day. From not knowing the full form of ‘SDK’ (yes, that was a phase) to talking retention strategy with some kickass marketers across 10+ countries, it’s been an incredible journey. The team here is so talented, dedicated, and passionate about their work and their hunger to learn.
The three years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Looking forward to more exciting times!

Last updated on June 6, 2024