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How Long Does It Take to Convert Your Ecommerce App Users?

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How Long Does It Take to Convert Your Ecommerce App Users?

According to the CleverTap Ecommerce Benchmark Report, 57% of new ecommerce app users complete a purchase within the first month of signing up.
Moreover, 44% of new users convert within about a week.
Converting your ecommerce app users into paying customers as quickly as possible will establish brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. It’s also a key performance indicator (KPI) of the app’s effectiveness. Comparing your conversion rate and related data to industry averages will help you identify where you can improve the user experience. In addition, you’ll spot ways to more effectively monetize the app.
Numerous factors affect conversion rates and improve the ecommerce app conversion timeline. Once you understand them, you’ll boost sales and your bottom line.

What Affects Conversion Rates?

Marketing strategy, product pricing, and app user-friendliness all significantly impact your customers’ digital shopping experience and your conversion rates. These specific factors can be especially effective:

User Interface Design

As consumers, we shop with our eyes first. Whether you’re choosing lunch or a new pair of shoes, you’re drawn to what looks good. An app with a clean user interface (UI), familiar design patterns, and an easy-to-navigate layout is key to keeping customers engaged. If navigating the app or completing certain actions is challenging, users will leave the app and may even remove it entirely. 
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Sign-Up Experience

Time is precious and convenience is a priority, so lengthy sign-up processes will chase customers away. If using the app or making a purchase is a laborious and time-consuming process of filling in forms and personal details, your customers will abandon ship.
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Welcome Offers

Offering new users a discount or free shipping on their first purchase is a great way to boost your conversion rate. Let’s say a user downloads your app to purchase something they saw in an ad. If they know they’ll get an additional discount for buying the item within a week, they’ll complete the transaction quickly. In addition, they’ll probably choose your service over a competitor who doesn’t offer a discount.


In such a competitive market, app fees, product pricing, and delivery costs have a noteworthy impact on whether customers choose your ecommerce app as their preferred shopping solution. But, if they’re unhappy, it only takes clicking a few buttons to switch providers and browse someone else’s store.

Why It’s No Longer Just About Speed

With improved technology, apps have become faster and more responsive. Given how ubiquitous apps are in our everyday lives, fast-loading apps are a non-negotiable expectation. Consumers now look for much more than speed when choosing their preferred ecommerce app.
In addition to overall ease of use and convenient payment methods, consumers want your offer to be personalized to them. They don’t want to be just another number in your system; they want you to notice and engage with them. And, they want offers relevant to their needs.
With an average click-through rate (CTR) of 22%, in-app messaging is an effective way to connect personally with users. Customers that engage with your content convert at a higher rate and show a higher overall lifetime value.
Remember, your ecommerce app is just one piece of your whole business. So, consider how mobile users participate in and relate to your overall marketing and sales funnels. This will help you create a strong marketing channel for your brand and a more valuable app for their needs.

How to Improve Your App Conversion Rates

Consumers are bombarded daily with an overwhelming number of marketing messages that try to capture their attention. As a result, they quickly disregard what doesn’t interest or appeal to them. At the same time, they also take note of brands that meet them where they are.
To improve your ecommerce app conversion rates, you must optimize and personalize the user experience (UX). Consider these strategies:

UI Design

If users can effortlessly find and purchase what they want, they’ll likely come back for repeat sales. Session recordings or replays allow you to track what customers do on your ecommerce app. With analytical insights into how they use and browse the app, you can minimize pain points and improve your UI/UX design.


Personalization means knowing your customers’ preferences and interests and then presenting content that appeals to their unique needs on a personal level. By employing personalization strategies, 63% of marketers see an increase in app conversions—some as much as 250%.
To show customers exactly what they want when they need it, you need tools that analyze user behavior and preferences. This lets you offer automated, personalized content at scale.

Social Proof

Making it clear other users love your app and products can be a driving force that encourages conversions. Positive online reviews play a key role in influencing purchase behavior. Add testimonials or links to review pages that build confidence in your brand and products.

Simplify Checkout

Your ecommerce app checkout process can make or break the effort you’ve put into getting the user to the endpoint. Make checkout as clean and simple as possible. Offer multiple, convenient payment methods and eliminate distractions. The easier the checkout, the more conversions you’ll have.

CleverTap: The Ultimate Tool to Drive Ecommerce App Conversions

Constant tech advancements directly influence consumer expectations. To maximize ecommerce app conversions, developers and marketers should embrace innovation while remaining user-focused to meet the individual needs of the target audience.
CleverTap helps you increase your ecommerce app conversions by offering a sophisticated UX tailored to your users’ preferences at scale. The comprehensive platform provides automated data around your users’ interests and purchase behavior, enabling you to optimize every touchpoint. This elevates UX and drives maximum results.
See how your conversion metrics compare to industry standards in CleverTap’s ecommerce Benchmark Report. Then, discover simple strategies to further improve your results. Download the report or book a live demo to see CleverTap’s proven model for boosting ecommerce success.

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Last updated on March 29, 2024