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Enable Great Customer Experiences Using Gartner’s Customer Experience CORE Model

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What’s Inside?

Per the report, “The customer management industrial complex is a persistent network of technology providers, service providers, and customer end-user organizations which all purport to help manage customer relationships. Unfortunately, while claiming to support a customer-centric approach, this state of affairs actually prioritizes short-term profits over long-term customer relationships.”

This leaves many businesses with few options for managing customer relationships at scale.

  • What You’ll Get With This Model

    Per the report, Gartner CX created their “Customers, Organization, Relationships, Experience” (CORE) model. This model helps different teams — IT, sales, customer service, marketing, digital commerce, HR, operations, and others — to determine what contribution is required of them at different stages of the customer journey.

    The CX CORE model helps build capabilities for lasting customer relationships that are grounded in empathy. The model:

    • Provides a common language for everyone involved with the customer and their experience stage

    • Enables organizations to determine which employees, policies, and processes are needed to deliver the experience

    • Helps eliminate silos that are often prevalent among different departments within the organization

    Use the Gartner CX CORE model to help your organization and leadership understand their roles in providing an intelligent and coordinated customer journey, one that delivers desired outcomes.

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* Gartner, Enable Great Customer Experiences Using Gartner’s Customer Experience CORE Model, Gene Alvarez, 26 October 2021

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