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How Yummy Is Growing Revenue and Retention Through Delicious Personalized Experiences

How Yummy Is Growing Revenue and Retention Through Delicious Personalized Experiences

We have a lot to learn from super apps—those apps-turned-marketplaces that attract and retain customers with a mix of irresistible services and experiences. Yummy, a leader in the ride-sharing and delivery space, is Venezuela’s largest tech startup and the leading super app in the country. The company’s CTO, Ignacio Carrillo-Batalla, recently shared that the secret to Yummy’s success is not only understanding their customers’ appetites but also feeding their needs expertly and at record speed. 
Carrillo-Batalla is currently overseeing the expansion of ‘quick commerce’ services to Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Panama, with a view toward further expansion in Latin America. 
Quick commerce is a model for delivery where instead of working with partners, we ourselves set up the stores, establishing only a three-kilometer radius around it so that we can guarantee delivery in less than 15 minutes,” Carrillo-Batalla explains.Our main value-proposition is definitely time: most people want to have their delivery as fast as they can.” 

Solving the Need For Immediate Gratification IRL

The key to Yummy’s success is also about fulfilling customers’ desires with a personal touch, translating the app-based experience into real-world satisfaction. Not only can Yummy’s customers find what they want on the app, they can also expect almost immediate delivery by well-dressed, friendly drivers bearing decorated bags, often with personalized notes and special gifts tailored to their tastes.
An exclusive deal with KFC perfectly illustrates the power of Yummy’s customer loyalty as well as its marketing and promotions power as the top delivery app in Venezuela. This partnership—along with the company’s quick commerce capabilities—has helped feed Yummy’s astonishing 2,860% year-over-year growth in completed orders in Venezuela. 
“We’ve become the Venezuelan’s best friend on their phone,” Carrillo-Batalla says. There is something transformative, he explains, in “being able to order from whatever restaurant they want, being able to order a car to go wherever they want, and if they need to buy clothes, they can do it on the app. If they need to buy electronics, they can do it on the app. And now they can also do quick commerce. If they’re cooking dinner and they forgot about one of the key ingredients, they can just go on the app, and in less than 15 minutes, they’ll have it in their house.”

Targeting and Timing

Personalized digital marketing has been another key factor in the company’s success. The secret is understating customer behavior through user behavior data, honing their targeting and timing. “Find the moment where users don’t know they want to order and then make them know they want to order, and then they do it,” Carrillo-Batalla explains. “Maybe it’s a Tuesday night when you really want KFC, and you receive a push notification for that, and you end up ordering.”
The way we do this is through CleverTap,” he says. “We can basically trigger events on every order. Every time you click on a product, every time you switch to a different category, we can really understand your behavior inside the app. In CleverTap, we can trigger those push notifications automatically based on that behavior.” 
For more details on how Yummy is utilizing CleverTap, user feedback, incentive promotions, and a low-friction payment system to retain customers and grow exponentially—and how that growth is feeding local economies in Venezuela and beyond—listen to the full Mobile Presence Podcast here. 

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Posted on August 24, 2022