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How Halodoc Improves Healthcare Access to Millions in Indonesia

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal Parekh, Senior Manager at CleverTap, has expertise in product, consumer, and digital marketing, with previous roles at Razorpay and Amazon.
How Halodoc Improves Healthcare Access to Millions in Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago is the 4th most populous nation in the world. With only 0.4 doctors for every thousand residents, access to healthcare is limited.* Challenges in urban areas include heavy city traffic and long waiting times at clinics, while in rural areas, doctors are far from reach. Witnessing these problems first-hand inspired Jonathan Sudharta to launch Halodoc in 2016. Their mission: to ease access to healthcare through technology.
The app was first a pharmacy delivery app that later branched out to incorporate allied products such as doctor consultations, lab tests, and insurance. Today, they are a comprehensive platform connecting various players in the Indonesian healthcare ecosystem. Anyone with internet access now has access to doctors and related healthcare solutions.
They have over 18 million active mobile app users and have teamed up with 20,000 doctors and 4,000 pharmacies across 100 cities.

To learn about Halodoc’s journey and how they’ve propagated telemedicine in Indonesia, we spoke with Alif Hanan Isnuriyanti Edris, their CRM Manager. Her team is responsible for all initiatives that manage the customer lifecycle to engage and retain customers. They manage all communications sent from their messaging channels including push, in-app, and inbox notifications. The main KPIs that the team aims for relate to their customer retention rate and the cross-selling rate across the various products of their portfolio.

Need For Analytics and Engagement Integration

With their previous tool, they were unable to optimize their marketing campaigns. They could only send ad-hoc campaigns based on a schedule. They weren’t able to craft user journeys or create live segments. This hampered their ability to craft messaging that was relevant to customers.
With CleverTap’s complete engagement toolkit, they can now connect to the right customer at the right time, create omnichannel campaigns, and optimize app experiences across the customer lifecycle. Besides, the analytical capabilities in CleverTap help Alif and her team to make quick business decisions. The presence of analytical and engagement abilities in a single platform helps them understand meaningful trends, access deeper insights, and execute campaigns more effectively.

Finding the Best Time to Connect

Using the recommended delay time for inaction campaigns, Halodoc engages with users who fail to perform a specific action (such as complete a purchase). This feature also automatically decides the best time to re-engage with those users. The clickthrough rates for recommended delay campaigns are 3x those of normal campaigns.

Journeys are an integral part of their communication arsenal. Using a combination of push notifications, in-app notifications, and inbox messages, they build complex sequences of user action-triggered campaigns. Halodoc now has an onboarding journey, a journey for churned users, and another for insured users.
By analyzing the campaign stats for their onboarding journey, Alif found the ‘sweet spot’ — the period of time between when users first register on the app and then make their first transaction.
Based on this information, Alif developed a journey to better onboard users and by doing so, maximize the number of users transacting. One of their journeys caused an uplift of over 1,000%.

Business Decisions On the Go

CleverTap’s real-time actionable analytics enable Halodoc to make quick business decisions.
Funnels give them insight into how users navigate the app. They have a 6-step funnel with events important for their business (app installation, registration, first browsing, first service selection, order placed, and complete purchase). One of their most used funnels tracks how many users complete registration after installing the app. By further splitting funnels across event or profile properties, they can compare user paths across geographies, product categories, technographics, and other dimensions.
Another feature heavily favored by Alif’s team is trends, where they compare events over time to identify trends across various segments. They view multiple event trends on the same chart across multiple segments. Trends help them compare performances across product categories. They can compare across user properties, events, event properties, and segments. The segments for trend analysis are made based on cohorts and then services selected are compared across these cohorts.
After integrating with CleverTap, Halodoc saw an increase of over 50% in their retention rate over 45 days.

COVID-19 and Healthcare Industry

Before the pandemic, telemedicine was in its nascent stages across Southeast Asia. During this period, Halodoc kickstarted many new initiatives addressing pertinent customer needs— from preventative products like masks to appointments in hospitals recommended for COVID-19.
Halodoc is the official partner for the Indonesian health ministry for COVID-19 tests. They also launched a bot for screening the virus where users can track their symptoms and assess their level of risk. Many patients with mild symptoms undergo teleconsultations through the app.
We are proud to assist in Halodoc’s engagement and retention initiatives and help them increase healthcare access throughout Indonesia.

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Last updated on March 27, 2024