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Hello Clever.AI: The AI Boost to Customer Engagement

Shivkumar M Shivkumar M has over 20 years of experience shaping technology product and GTM strategy. With B2B SaaS expertise across industries, he leads product launches, adoption, and GTM as Director of Product Marketing.
Hello Clever.AI: The AI Boost to Customer Engagement

Your Intelligent Companion for Crafting Compelling Customer Experiences

Imagine one of your VIP customers is at your retail outlet and about to make a purchase. Suddenly, they receive a message: ‘The blue shirt you favorited last month is available in-store, RIGHT NOW! Use your credit card and get 30% off!’

Or picture another situation where a customer, ready to order dinner through their favourite food app, at their usual time, gets an in-app notification offering a meal customized to their liking, delivered in the next 30 minutes.

Both scenarios highlight how successful customer engagement best practices can enhance customer loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value. However, manually understanding these segments, setting up bespoke messages, and executing the journey can take an absurdly long time for brands. What if we told you that all of this could now be done automatically and within minutes? It’s true!

Meet Clever.AI, CleverTap’s latest and enhanced, cutting-edge AI engine. Clever.AI provides actionable insights, enables hyper-personalized customer journeys, and drives sustainable, profitable marketing growth. It’s the intelligent companion marketers need to transform customer interactions into delightful, meaningful experiences.

Clever.AI- The AI Boost to Customer Engagement

What is Clever.AI?  

Clever.AI is an advanced suite of AI-powered capabilities developed by CleverTap to further enhance the all in one customer engagement and retention platform. Built on three core pillars—Predictive, Generative, and Prescriptive—Clever.AI analyzes real-time data, predicts customer behaviors, crafts personalized messages on-the-go, orchestrates multi-scenario campaigns, and automates personalized interactions in real-time. With Clever.AI, marketers can automate tedious tasks and focus on strategic initiatives.

What is Clever AI

How does Clever.AI help brands in Customer Engagement?

Clever.AI is designed to help brands connect with their customers more effectively and efficiently, ensuring that every interaction is timely, relevant, and meaningful. This leads to increased Customer Lifetime Value and enhanced customer loyalty, ultimately driving sustainable growth. Building on the three foundational pillars of AI, being Predictive, Generative, and Prescriptive, Clever.AI enables brands to be:

  • Insightful: Leveraging the power of the Tesseract DB, Clever.AI navigates and analyses massive amounts of data to anticipate customer needs and behaviors, all in real-time. It accurately predicts and identifies segments most likely to convert or churn, enabling precise forecasting of business outcomes.
  • Empathetic: Clever.AI creates contextually relevant campaigns that align with customer preferences by bridging creativity, empathy, and AI-driven efficiency. Its built-in Generative AI-powered content creation adds emotional depth and personalization to customer interactions at an unprecedented scale.
  • Actionable: The AI-powered recommendation engine discovers winning strategies in real-time, allowing marketers to immediately orchestrate the best recommendations and journey experiences based on customer preferences.

Benefits of Clever.AI

With the Clever.AI advantage, CleverTap’s all-in-one Customer Engagement Platform now arms and enables marketers to be more insightful, empathetic, and actionable. This shift removes tedious tasks, allowing marketers to focus on strategic initiatives. Product managers and marketing executives who participated in the beta phase of Clever.AI’s launch have praised its capabilities:

  • It reduces the time taken to generate a large volume of contextually relevant campaign ideas from days to minutes, offering a better time to value
  • It transforms the task of producing multiple copies for A/B testing and other campaigns, making it quick and effortless, taking only a few minutes.
  • It significantly increases conversions by automatically determining and setting up the most relevant journey for customers.

Benefits of Clever AI


AI is reshaping various aspects of our world, and customer engagement is no exception. Clever.AI showcases the potential of AI to optimize customer interactions and increase Customer Lifetime Value sustainably. It relieves marketers from tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic goals.

By automating customer experience creation at every touchpoint, Clever.AI enables marketers to dedicate their efforts to building strong brands and engaging customers with personalized messages, relevant recommendations, and secure data practices.

Interested in seeing how Clever.AI can add quantifiable value to your marketing plans? Click here to speak to us.

Posted on June 11, 2024