Psychographic Segmentation Glossary

December 10, 2018

Psychographic segmentation is a feature in CleverTap that uses machine learning-powered functionality that automatically tells you what your users are most interested in, so you can make your campaigns more effective.

What are Psychographics, Anyway?

Psychographics is a methodology that marketers use to describe consumers using psychological terms.

Unlike demographics that deal with fixed data related to your users such as age, income, and gender, psychographics deal with more fluid data such as: what your customers like, what their habits and values are, and why they buy something.

How CleverTap’s Psychographics Segmentation Engine Works

The CleverTap engine allows you to group users based on their likes and interests above all the other segmentation factors. The machine learning functionality helps you create micro-segments that are tailored to the experience of individual users.

How Psychographic Segmentation Helps Marketers

Segmenting users by psychographics means you can personalize your campaigns to ensure that you are sending messages that are relevant to their tastes. It is a more intuitive way of understanding how your users like to spend time on your app.

Why? Every single one of your users in unique. Knowing what each user is most interested in helps marketers identify user habits, lifestyles, or even personality traits, so they engaging them in a more focused and meaningful way.

The Effectiveness of Psychographic Segmentation

Psychographic segmentation can improve conversions up to 5x versus sending non-contextual messages.

Examples of Campaigns Using Psychographic Segmentation

There are many ways to use data from psychographics to enhance your marketing campaigns.

One example is to send contextual messages to a segment of users who prefer to make purchases on a specific day of the week, or who buy at a specific time of day.

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