Silent Push Notifications

November 9, 2020

Push notifications are the messages sent to your users encouraging them to take a specific action, or to share pertinent information with them. But when users receive multiple notifications a day and start to get annoyed, do they have an option aside from turning off all notifications or (gasp) uninstalling your app? Thankfully, they now do. This is the silent push notification.

What are Silent Push Notifications?

Silent push notifications are simply notifications that mobile app users receive without any pings, alerts, or interruptions to the user. They arrive on the mobile device and sit in the notification tray until read or dismissed.

Silent Push Notifications
Users can choose to mute their notifications and receive silent push notifications instead of being alerted to every new push that arrives. They can activate this on iOS or Android from their individual settings pages. And developers or mobile marketers cannot override this setting once put into place.

Silent Push Notifications: The Pros and Cons

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to being able to mute push notifications.


  • Since the user is not alerted, this notification does not distract the user from whatever they may be doing.
  • The user can interact with the information in the push at their leisure, increasing the chances of engagement.


  • Because the user is not alerted, time-sensitive information may be missed by the user.
  • The user can opt to review the notification at a later date, which means there may be a long gap between receiving the information and acting upon it, possibly impacting your KPIs around “time to conversion.”

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