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Why Brands Need to Rethink Fintech Marketing: Pivot and Personalize to Deliver Netflix-Style Banking

Mrinal Parekh Mrinal, Senior Product Marketing Manager at CleverTap, excels in B2B strategy, market planning, and product launches. Proven success at Razorpay and Amazon.
Why Brands Need to Rethink Fintech Marketing: Pivot and Personalize to Deliver Netflix-Style Banking

Consumer reliance on fintech and insurtech apps for assistance and advice at every step of the journey presents marketers with an unparalleled opportunity to engage customers who are primed to act. But turning casual consumer interest into committed customer loyalty requires new capabilities and new courage. 
Finance marketers must harness data-informed insights and analytics to deliver campaigns that are closely aligned with where consumers are in their journeys. And marketers must also craft and deliver messaging that both educates individuals on their terms and motivates them to achieve their personal finance goals. 

The Consumer Demand for Personalization and “Netflix-Inspired” Banking

An important outcome of global events, accelerated by the coronavirus outbreak, is a sea change in consumer behavior. It’s also why we’ve seen an explosion of activity and interaction, with consumers everywhere relying more than ever on mobile apps to access essential financial services and enrich their lives. 
As a result, consumers want what they want when, where, and how they want it. And mobile apps plus a plethora of digital touchpoints don’t just fulfill this rising requirement. They have combined to create the expectation that companies can and will deliver. 
After all, isn’t this what they experienced in lockdown when they could order essential goods delivered to their door or stream entertainment experiences personalized to suit their moods and needs? 
And it’s the experience that sets the bar, turning up the pressure on companies in finance and insurance to develop and deliver a new level of “Netflix-Inspired Banking.” In this new scenario, success belongs to those financial institutions and fintech companies able to adapt to their customers’ unique behaviors and preferences seamlessly. 

Preparing Now to Compete in the Future 

Never have more people in more countries relied on finance apps to manage their lives and plan their futures. Marketers must respond in ways that emphasize service over selling. This means educating and onboarding consumers to take charge of their financial futures in challenging times.
We interviewed 15+ C-level executives and marketers at leading financial institutions and fintech companies across three regions (APAC, LATAM, and North America) to find guidance on developing frameworks to deal with this demand for personalized journeys. And we put together all their insights into a playbook. 
Many of the marketers interviewed in the playbook reveal best performing campaigns with the highest retention rates that showcase real people and real results.
The bottom line: Marketers set the bar by communicating in ways that transcend product-centric selling to present more holistic and individualized value propositions aligned with customer needs.
Whether you are eager to start planning your engagement strategy or seeking guidance as you expand your toolbox to drive deep-funnel engagement and retention, The Rethink Fintech Playbook is your companion resource as you evolve clever strategies to engage and retain customers. 

About the Rethink Fintech Playbook 2021

The Rethink Fintech Playbook: 2021 is a comprehensive, 68-page resource that draws from research and exclusive interviews with 15+ C-level executives and marketers across the globe. This ebook equips marketers to master both educating consumers on how their app works and motivating them to use the app to achieve their financial goals.
This new knowledge resource — authored by our CEO and Co-founder Sunil Thomas in close collaboration with Peggy Anne Salz, a top-30 mobile marketing influencer and veteran Forbes writerspotlights strategies marketers can follow to match messaging to global events and consumers’ universal desire for authentic and genuinely helpful advice. The playbook also highlights new pathways marketers can pursue to reinforce financial well-being and ultimately change consumer behavior for the best.
Download the playbook to learn:

  • How to translate data around customer context and behavior to appropriate advice and recommendations consumers accept and appreciate
  • How to transcend product-centric selling to present more holistic and individualized value propositions aligned with customer needs
  • How to infuse marketing with humanity and maximize customer lifetime value

Use this curated collection of checklists and best practices to provide marketing and messaging at pivotal moments across multiple journeys that generate benefit for your customers and revenues for your fintech company.
Special thanks to our expert contributors: 

  • Adam Hadi, VP of Growth, Current 
  • Aline K. Carranza, CRM & Engagement Manager, Albo
  • Ankit Banga, Head of Marketing, Dhani Housing Finance 
  • Carlo Isles, Head of Performance Marketing, PayMaya Philippines 
  • Deniz Güven, CEO, Mox Bank
  • Dhanraj Shetty, Chief Manager, Digital Analytics, Edelweiss Group
  • Anand Sharma, Head of Digital Products & Design, Edelweiss Group 
  • Jay Moon, SesameThrive & Partnerships, Credit Sesame
  • Jithesh P.V., Vice President & Head, Digital Centre of Excellence, Federal Bank
  • John Spottiswood, Chief Operating Officer, Jerry
  • Kelly Street, Director, Consumer Marketing, Digital Channels, Fiserv
  • Mike Ng, Chief Revenue Officer, Digital Turbine
  • Natalia Garcia Ocampo, CMO, MOVii
  • Noopur Chaturvedi, Country Head – SMB, PayU India
  • Ved Prakash Yadav, Head of Growth and Marketing, Khatabook



Rethink Fintech Playbook: 2021

We interviewed leaders from 15+ leading fintech companies across the globe to ask them: how did your app succeed?

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Last updated on March 29, 2024