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Where’s your office

We keep getting that question ever since the word got out that we’re starting up. The truth is that we don’t have an office of our own yet.
With our meagre budget of Rs. 15000/month (about $300/month), Mumbai doesn’t offer too many enticing options. Even if we had managed to find a decent place, we’d have to set it up with furniture, hunt for an ISP and worry about a thousand other things. Not the kind of stuff you should be spending your energy on when in the early stages of defining and building your product.
Our good friends Kunal and Deap of freecharge (ob SEO plug – offered to host us at their their office till we were ready to fly on our own. Not having to find an office is a HUGE time saver and so we gladly took them up on that offer. We’re now stationed in their office with only one worry on our hands – making our product win in the market.
Now that we’ve gone through this experience, we will pay forward this gracious gesture to another deserving startup when we’ve got an office of our own. That’s a promise!

Posted on June 18, 2013