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Powerful user segmentation to drive growth

Powerful user segmentation to drive growth

At CleverTap we’ve always been on the leading edge of user segmentation capabilities when you send out campaigns.
Aggregate data from thousands of our customer campaigns sent every month tells us that the best performing campaigns in terms of click through rates and conversions are the following:
1. Campaigns triggered because of User Inaction

These are campaigns where you trigger messages to your users who complete one action but NOT a subsequent one within a relative time (typically in minutes) since the first action. Our customers across e-commerce (for example Added-to-Cart but didn’t Purchase within 15 minutes), Travel & Ticketing (Searched-for-Flights or Movies but didn’t Purchase within 20 minutes), Social Media (Looked-at-Profiles but didn’t Follow/Subscribe within 30 minutes) and other domains have been using these kind of campaigns to directly drive growth and conversions within their apps.

Logically this type of campaign works because they are very timely and contextual to what a user is doing in your app. These also work because these run indefinitely once you’ve set them up – every time any user qualifies for the campaign (user added to cart and did not buy within 15 min) they’ll magically receive a notification at just the right moment.

2. Campaigns scheduled to target complex user behavior (typically multiple actions combined with one or two inaction’s)

When scheduling campaigns for an arbitrary date and time it’s the quality of the target user segment that determines click through rates and conversions. The best campaigns target sophisticated past user behavior – for example in e-commerce targeting people who have in a period of 30 days Launched-App 5 times AND Searched 3 times AND Viewed at least 10 products but have not Added-To-Cart OR Purchased will give you much more success as compared to a generic campaign that targets a broad user segment.

Logically this type of campaign works because we can craft the right messages to influence these people towards what we want them to do. Capturing a more complex behavior means we are dealing with lesser people which automatically increases our ability to craft the most meaningful message for that group of people.

If you use CleverTap but have not tried out these campaigns so far, you should try them out. Compared to generic campaigns you will double up your click through and conversion rates with either of these.
We continue to believe that our superior segmentation capabilities is what matter to our customers. This powers the success of their engagement campaigns and hence directly affects their growth. We recently enhanced our segmentation capabilities where you can create user segments specifying date ranges for each activity a user performs, so you can capture even more complex behavior amongst your users to segment them better.
Even more exciting to me is the user segmentation improvements coming soon for CleverTap. Look to us for massive innovation with user segmentation:

  • we will make them even more precise.
  • we will make them live and streaming – capture your first time purchaser’s as they happen throughout the day. We will show you the ebb and flow of your business.
  • we will change the face of analytics by allowing you to compare these complex segments with each other; check vital statistics and trend them over time.
  • of course like always, we will allow you to message these segments in timely and personalized ways across multiple channels.

This recent post I wrote on Medium is a good read if you want to understand some advanced segmentation capabilities and also some examples of how these might fit into your business.
Stay tuned!

Posted on June 9, 2016