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The future looks bright

We didn’t make it to the YC W14 batch*. We were interviewed by Paul Buchheit, Harj Taggar, Kevin Hale and Jessica Livingston. They liked us and they liked the product, but they wanted to see the product work for sites with lesser traffic. We got similar feedback from the people we met during our two week stay in the US.
So that’s what is keeping us busy these days. We’re working on making the product more helpful for smaller businesses. A little course correction mid-way doesn’t hurt as long as it ensures that you’re on the right trajectory. Once we’ve made the necessary changes we’ll signup lesser trafficked sites to see how well the product works for them.
Did I tell you we’re now live with three customers and process about 15 million unique profiles?
*We’re seasoned entrepreneurs and know how to take a rejection in our stride. burrp! (my previous startup) was rejected for funding by all major VCs in India. That furthered our resolve to make it work.

Posted on December 13, 2013